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How to choose right customer service channels for business

How to Choose the Right Customer Service Channels for Your Business

Numerous studies and industry reports have proved the importance of delivering outstanding customer service...
SMS vs WhatsApp for business

SMS vs. WhatsApp: What’s the Best Fit for Your Business Communication?

Did you know that (according to Statista’s 2023 data) there are currently over 6.92 billion smartphone...
Instant Messaging Apps in Customer Service

How to Use Instant Messaging Apps for Customer Service [Best Practices]

Instant messaging is a convenient way for consumers to get quick and efficient customer support through...
Man figuring out what is omnichannel contact center and how it works +cover

A Complete Guide to Omnichannel Contact Center

It’s no secret that today’s consumers want to interact with brands they are dealing with through their...
Maximizing the power of webrtc in cloud contact center

Maximizing the Power of WebRTC in Cloud Contact Centers

WebRTC has been around for over a decade now, and it has already been widely adopted by the majority...
Why Technical Support is Important

Why Technical Support is Important for Business?

The contact center is a vital entity in every company wishing to establish a permanent communication...

Top 5 Reasons for an Omnichannel Outbound Sales Software

Call centers are adopting omnichannel communications at unpaced rates. That’s because customer expectations...
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