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Win back leads, reach out to new ones, and increase read rates with VoiceSpin’s business text messaging tool. Boost customer engagement directly from your CRM: send SMS campaigns, analyze reports, and customize text messages to specific audiences.

Communicate More with
Business SMS Solutions

Re-engage old contacts, warm up your existing leads, and create more sales conversations while optimizing your lead costs, agents’ efforts, and operational expenses with our cloud Bulk SMS software for outbound sales call centers.

Cost Efficient Conversion

Reach out to more leads at a lower cost through an easy-to-use interface

Increased Read Rates

We utilize 100+ carriers to provide the highest reachability and open rate in the market

Engage Through Automation

Fully integrated into CRM you can set the workflows and let the automation run the show.

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of customers prefer SMS for promotional or sales outreach
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of customers use SMS for business communications
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of customers are happy to receive SMS from brands

Connect with More Leads through SMS

Connect with More Leads through SMS

Collecting Leads

Prioritizing Leads

Connecting With the Leads

Closing the Sale

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Learning and Optimizing

Bulk SMS at its Best

Our business text messaging solutions for outbound sales call centers help your team make the most of your SMS marketing strategy.

Personalize the Mass Outreach

Easily customize your SMS campaigns to create a more personalized experience for your recipients.

Compose your messages in over 100 languages to meet your recipients’ language preferences.

Increase Open and
Response Rates

Your text messages will be delivered through direct routing to ensure they reach their destination quickly and on time.

You control the number and name displayed in your SMS so the recipient will see a local number and a trusted business name.

Make your Own Schedule

Bulk SMS can schedule your business messages to be sent immediately or delayed to a later date.

You can also stagger your bulk SMS sends so that recipients receive their texts at different times.

Send Directly From Your CRM

Store all your texts and responses in your central CRM to keep agents aware of all activities with the lead.

Whenever you log into your CRM system, you can easily send out your SMS messages to multiple contacts.

Messaging Features


Customized Caller ID

CLI Routing




Fully Integrated

Fully Traceable


Multi Language

Messaging Capabilities

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  • Increase customer engagement
  • Generate leads
  • Improve conversion rates


What is business text messaging?

Business text messaging, also known as SMS texting, allows businesses to communicate with their target audience in a cost-effective and efficient way through text messages. It means you can send bulk messages to prospects or current customers from a business phone number and expand your marketing and sales outreach efforts.

How is SMS used in business?

By sending bulk SMS messages, businesses can reach out to their leads and customers with promotional offers, re-engagement campaigns, and other types of marketing messages to expand their customer communication strategy and generate more sales opportunities. Mass SMS messages can also be used to provide proactive customer service and support to improve customer satisfaction and deliver a better customer experience.

What are the benefits of business text messaging?

SMS messages have high open rates, with over 98% of text messages being read within 3 minutes of being received. It makes business text messaging one of the most efficient and cost-effective sales outreach tools. On top of that, business text messaging is fast, can be automated and personalized, and helps boost engagement and sales.

How do you send a business SMS?

You can easily handle your outbound and inbound SMS interactions by using SMS software like VoiceSpin’s bulk SMS solution. Such tools can usually be integrated with various CRM systems allowing you to have a complete view of your communications, automate and customize your SMS outreach campaigns, and keep track of the statistics.

What is cloud SMS?

Cloud SMS is a cloud-based SMS messaging service that businesses and organizations use to send and receive text messages to reach out to their customers and prospects for marketing, sales, or customer service purposes. Cloud SMS services allow sending automated bulk SMS messages to a large number of recipients immediately or at a scheduled time.

Is SMS marketing widely used by businesses?

Though businesses can connect and engage with customers via multiple channels, SMS remains one of the most efficient marketing channels. By sending messages through an SMS contact center, which is often part of omnichannel contact center and call center solutions, businesses can instantly reach their target audience with marketing and sales campaigns.

Is SMS marketing expensive?

Compared to the cost of phone calls and email marketing, SMS marketing is generally considered a cost-effective solution. Some SMS marketing services may offer pay-as-you-go pricing based on the number of messages sent, while others offer subscription-based models. Overall, SMS marketing is highly affordable for businesses of any size.