Omnichannel Contact Center Software for Retail Industry

Retail call/contact center software

Handle voice and digital communications, deliver more personalized shopping experiences, and win more customer loyalty with an end-to-end cloud omnichannel contact center for the retail industry.

Retail call/contact center software

Enhance Retail Customer Engagement and Customer Experience

According to a study by Salesforce, 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Leverage the power of VoIP for retail and omnichannel capabilities to build deeper customer relationships, improve engagement, and fuel a better CX across channels.

Manage omnichannel

Retail agent using omnichannel solution

Today’s retail consumers increasingly demand omnichannel experiences – and brands must live up to customer expectations to succeed. Support your customers across voice and digital channels and let them connect with your brand on their terms.

Retail agent using omnichannel solution
retail software features

Improve issue
resolution and CX

retail software features

Level up your voice support with IVR, advanced call routing, inbound call queues, and queue callbacks to speed up issue resolution, increase FCR, and boost customer satisfaction. Improve agent training and coaching with real-time call monitoring and call recordings.

Streamline outbound calling
with AI auto dialer

Reach out to potential students

Automate and optimize your outbound calling process with an AI auto dialer featuring a lead/ agent scoring and matching system to connect prospects to the most suitable reps and maximize conversions. Drive even better conversational intelligence with AI speech analytics.

Reach out to potential students
CRM integration

Integrate with your
CRM system

CRM integration

Seamlessly integrate VoiceSpin’s retail business phone system with your favorite CRM and other business apps. Keep all data in sync and enable agents to have more context-driven interactions by having instant access to customer data and the history of previous interactions.

Powerful retail call center software features

Omnichannel support

Connect voice and digital channels into one omnichannel contact center platform to support customers across phone, email, IMs, and social media.

Cloud-based solution

Get your contact center up and running in under 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of an on-premises solution and enable agents to work remotely from anywhere.

Local & international DIDs

With a strong network of telco partners, we offer local and international DID numbers from almost every country for multi-location retail businesses.

Inbound & outbound

Easily manage all your inbound and outbound communications from a single place, deliver a better customer experience, and generate more sales.

Analytics & reports

Track critical KPIs, get a holistic view of your contact center performance with advanced analytics and real-time dashboards, and make data-driven decisions.

Robust data security

VoiceSpin’s cloud contact center provides robust security measures, so you can rest assured your customers’ data remains private and secure.

Implement retail contact center software to gain a competitive edge

VoiceSpn is more than just a VoIP phone system for retail businesses and eCommerce brands. With omnichannel capabilities, powerful features to effectively manage your inbound and outbound communications, and out-of-the-box and custom CRM integrations – you can support, engage, and sell across channels from a single platform. Schedule a demo to discuss your retail contact center needs and where VoiceSpin’s solutions fit in.

Retail contact center software

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