ai auto dialer Contact Center Software Features to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Deliver excellent customer experiences or sell like a pro – with all the contact center features to successfully handle inbound and outbound communications under one roof.


Streamline your inbound call handling with Automatic Call Distribution to instantly connect callers to the most relevant departments and teams.

Route incoming calls to the best-fitting agents based on their skills and expertise so your customers get quick and efficient support each and every time.

Set up IVR menus, create custom greetings and voice prompts, and let callers smoothly navigate to the desired destination, saving your agents’ time.

Queue Callbacks

Enable customers to request a callback instead of waiting on hold, reduce abandoned calls, and improve your CSAT scores while lowering call center costs.

Get local international numbers from 160+ countries to expand your global reach and establish a local presence at some of the most affordable rates.

Monitor agent calls in real time as they are happening and bring your new hires up to speed faster with advanced call coaching features.

Record every call, store call recordings in your CRM, and refer back to them whenever needed for QA, agent performance monitoring, or training assistance.

Generate real-time and historical reports and track the most critical call center metrics and KPIs to make meaningful improvements in your operations.

Automate quality monitoring with an AI-powered Speech Analyzer and proactively prevent compliance issues with keyword spotting and real-time warnings.

Speech Transcription

Get deeper insights into customer interactions, your team’s performance, and common issues with speech transcription, uncover trends, and enhance coaching.

Save your agents time and effort wasted on manual dialing and instantly call any number on your CRM or any website with a single click by leveraging click-to-call.

Automate the dialing process, empower your team to make thousands of calls, and dramatically improve conversions by matching leads to the right agents.

Local Caller ID

Maximize your call answer rates and the success of your outbound calling campaigns by using local caller ID when making outbound cold calls to your prospects.

Reachability Scan

Optimize the outbound calling routine for your sales reps by automatically checking the availability of numbers and freeing agents from unproductive calls.

Spam Detector

Minimize the risk of your calls being flagged as spam by enabling automated spam detection for compliance and better reputation management.

Scale your outreach efforts with business text messaging, schedule and run bulk SMS campaigns customized to specific audiences, and drive more engagement.

Get your contact center up and running in 24 hours and enable your team members to work remotely from anywhere without being tied to a specific location.

Integrate with your favorite CRM and other business tools to keep all data in sync, streamline agent workflows, and give a boost to your team’s productivity.

Give Your Sales and Support Teams All the Tools They Need to Succeed

Streamline your inbound and outbound call handling and empower your sales and support teams to perform at their best with a competitive set of features and tools. Schedule a demo call with one of our reps and discover how our contact center solutions can cater to your specific needs.

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