Zoho Dialer Integration

Manage your inbound and outbound communications intelligently by integrating VoiceSpin’s call center featuring AI-powered Auto Dialer and Click-to-call into your Zoho CRM.

VoiceSpin + Zoho

Click to call right from
your Zoho CRM

Connect your numbers and initiate outbound calls in a single click from inside your CRM interface with the Zoho Click-to-call integration. That means no need to switch between the systems, more automation, and reduced wasted time for agents.

Integration interface of Zoho & Voicespin Click-to-Call feature
Interface showing agent extension and predictive dialer feature for streamlined calling.

Drive more sales with Zoho Auto Dialer

Blow up your sales numbers with Zoho dialer integration. Reach out to your prospects in a fraction of the time, boost agent productivity, and increase call conversion rates with an AI dialer that connects leads to the most appropriate reps through dynamic lead and agent scoring.

Screen pop-ups for inbound and outbound calls

Instantly get notified of your incoming calls and manage outbound calls with screen pop-ups with a complete view of contact information allowing for more contextual, personalized conversations and improved customer experience.

Incoming call Screen pop-up notification with Zoho & VoiceSpin caller ID for integrated call management.
Zoho Call Report interface displaying incoming and outgoing call logs with timestamps and call recording option.

Record calls for training, coaching, and QA

Each call is automatically logged and recorded in your CRM, with a link to the call recording attached to the corresponding Zoho contact record. Use call recordings for agent training, coaching, or quality assurance purposes.

What is Zoho + VoiceSpin Integration?

Zoho CRM is known as one of the highest-rated, feature-rich, and cost-effective CRM solutions out there. By integrating VoiceSpin’s call center with your Zoho CRM and enabling features like click-to-call and AI auto dialer, you can turn your CRM into a truly sales-oriented platform, empowering your agents to connect with more leads quickly and effortlessly, and ultimately convert more conversations into sales conversions.

VoiceSpin + Zoho Integration

Key Features and Benefits of VoiceSpin’s Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho auto dialer

Supercharge your outreach with an auto dialer, powered by AI and machine learning for better conversions.


Dial leads or customers from within your CRM in a single click, with no need to switch tabs.

Screen pop-ups

Call pop-ups for inbound and outbound calls in the Zoho interface to give agents more convenience and context.

Automatic call logging

Log all your inbound and outbound calls automatically inside Zoho, saving you time and effort.

Call recordings

Record calls and easily access call recordings to uncover agent training and coaching opportunities.

AI speech analyzer

Monitor your agents' calls with an AI speech analyzer to spot keywords and prevent compliance issues.

See Our Zoho Dialer Integration in Action

Get a Sales-oriented Call Center Inside Your Zoho CRM

Manage your inbound and outbound calls, automate and streamline your processes, increase agent efficiency, empower agents to engage in more meaningful interactions, and maximize the success of every conversation – all from within your Zoho CRM.

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