Drive More Sales with Native Salesforce VoIP Integration

Turn your Salesforce into an even more powerful sales platform by integrating it with VoiceSpin’s VoIP phone system featuring Click-to-call, AI Auto Dialer, and SMS messaging.

Easily manage inbound and outbound calls

Make and receive calls directly from your Salesforce interface using Salesforce CTI (Computer telephony integration). Incoming calls trigger screen pop-ups with the caller’s information, with a new record created automatically for new callers.

Click-to-call right from your Salesforce

Initiate outbound calls instantly through Click-to-call, with no need to switch between the systems. With a 360°contact view and call history, agents have the context they need for higher-quality and more personalized interactions.

Supercharge your sales with AI Auto Dialer

Leverage AI-powered Auto Dialer for High-Velocity Sales, automate the dialing process, and enable agents to do what they do best: sell. The AI and ML algorithms connect leads to the most relevant reps through dynamic lead and agent scoring, turning your conversations into conversions.

Amplify your outreach with bulk SMS campaigns

Scale your engagement and communicate with your prospects and customers via SMS sent directly from your Salesforce. Expand your sales and marketing outreach efforts with customized and personalized bulk SMS campaigns.

Connect email, instant messengers, and social media

Integrate Salesforce with VoiceSpin’s ChatSpin omnichannel communication platform and support your customers across email, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other instant messaging apps and social media channels.

What is VoiceSpin + Salesforce VoIP Integration?

Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the most robust cloud CRM solutions designed to help businesses manage their customer relationships and streamline their sales processes. With VoiceSpin’s Salesforce phone integration, you can enhance your CRM with advanced call center software features, empower your sales team to reach leads and close deals faster, and generate more revenue. 
Salesforce and VoiceSpin integration

Key Features and Benefits of
VoiceSpin’s Salesforce CRM Integration

Native widget

Handle inbound and outbound calls without ever leaving your Salesforce from a natively embedded widget.


Easily initiate outbound calls through Click-to-call with a single click right from your Salesforce.

Call recordings

Access to call recordings, transcribe calls, and get even more insights from built-in speech analytics.

AI auto dialer

Reach out to thousands of leads through AI-powered Auto Dialer and maximize your sales conversions.

Customized reporting

Empower managers with the relevant data through customized reporting to track the key metrics.

Bulk SMS

Engage with leads and clients via SMS and expand your outreach efforts through bulk SMS campaigns.

Get a Powerful Call Center Inside Your Salesforce CRM

No more data silos! Manage all your inbound and outbound communications in one easy-to-use, sales-oriented calling platform inside your Salesforce CRM.

How to Setup VoiceSpin + Salesforce Phone Integration

Setting up VoiceSpin and Salesforce integration takes a few simple steps – and you’re good to go to boost your sales and generate more conversions with an all-in-one contact center solution inside your Salesforce. Click below and follow the instructions on Salesforce Marketplace.
happy call center agent


What is Salesforce VoIP integration?

With Salesforce VoIP integration, Salesforce users can make and receive phone calls directly within the Salesforce CRM platform, without needing to switch to a separate phone system. By integrating VoiceSpin’s call center solution with Salesforce, you can manage inbound and outbound calls, use AI auto dialer and click-to-call to dial leads, and send bulk SMS campaigns from your Salesforce.

What is Salesforce CTI integration?

Salesforce CTI integration refers to the integration of a computer telephony integration (CTI) system with the Salesforce CRM platform. It allows businesses to manage their phone-based interactions with customers, including inbound and outbound calls, right from their Salesforce interface.

Can you make phone calls from Salesforce?

Salesforce allows making and receiving calls from within the system through built-in call center capabilities or integrating third-party telephony providers. By integrating VoiceSpin’s VoIP phone system, you can significantly enhance the capabilities of your Salesforce, turning it into a complete sales-oriented call center inside your CRM.

How much does the integration with Salesforce cost?

The prices of integrating Salesforce with a VoIP system may vary based on the type of integration and the pricing model of the VoIP service provider. For example, you can integrate your Salesforce with VoiceSpin’s VoIP call center software starting at $29 per user per month.