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Why Technical Support is Important
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    Why Technical Support is Important for Business?

    The contact center is a vital entity in every company wishing to establish a permanent communication process with its customers. The contact center projects an image of confidence and security to the users of your company’s departments.

    In this article, we try to reveal the mores of such a department in a company. We provide answers regarding its permanent availability and the role it plays in the sustainability of the company.

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    Role of Technical Support in the Contact Center

    Commonly, the main actor in a contact center is the technical support service agent-advisor. Usually, their job is to answer technical questions over the phone related to the use of a product or service offered by any company. Based on their specialist knowledge of a particular field, they provide personalized assistance to clients. For example, they guide contacts through the process of installing a utility, configuring a platform, or even repairing a failure. The agent is also asked to explain some basics or simplify some terms that are complex enough to be understood by ordinary users. In this way, they concretize the strategy pre-established by the company to strengthen its ties with its customers.

    More specifically, technical support encompasses all the methods, tools, and processes that guarantee a user the best possible use of the service that he operates. A contact center offering tech support must sometimes allow rapid diagnosis and resolution of breakdowns, efficient management of the support team’s knowledge, and good channeling of user usage.

    Why do Companies Need a Technical Support Contact Center?

    Companies that equip themselves with a tech support center make this choice to maintain contact with their customers. In addition, companies choose a support center because:

    • These companies generally provide a service that requires support.
    • These companies seek to control the flow of calls using dedicated customer call centers.

    Based on this observation, we can see the “business” interest, which motivates companies to set up a technical support center. This interest relates to the company’s competitiveness. Whether saving time spent processing requests, renewing customer subscriptions, or increasing the perceived value of its services, there are many arguments for deploying such a service. However, above all, ensuring its availability and maintainability over time.

    Aiming at customer satisfaction, assistance solutions are improving every day. Their implementation is a real lever for a company’s development.

    Availability of Technical Support

    The constant availability factor is the goal of any business. This puts enormous pressure on responsible teams. Indeed, efficient technical support centers reduce the burden of managing e-mails: Users with a clear, comprehensive, and ergonomic help center are less attracted to write to customer support.

    The permanent availability of your technical support service streamlines the processing of requests, which means control over management costs. Optimizing costs requires evaluating what already exists and establishing new objectives. You must therefore be able to assess the processing time for requests to open a ticket until it is closed. The rationalization of the processing time of requests mainly makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs charged to IT departments.

    How to Provide Quality Technical Support Services?

    The quality of technical support has a huge influence on how customers perceive a service or product. With VoiceSpin contact center solutions, the customer is put at the center of your business:

    • In addition to 100% availability, also offer a free call back. It comes down to an image of seriousness and willingness to help you quickly.
    • Put the customer at ease, for each incident. The customer only needs to make one request, and then, must be taken care of quickly. A repeated request inevitably leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.
    • Migration to another offer must be fluid. The right person must be assigned to the customer requesting the service. This requires good archiving treatments, which require the software to contain sufficient customer data (contacts, history of events, etc.).
    • Any agent must be qualified to respond quickly to a problem.

    At VoiceSpin, we have a support team that brings together all the skills required to turn your queries and wishes into effective and profitable actions. Our slogan is 24/7 and 365-day availability. Our experienced and highly trained staff are ready to help you through a multitude of channels: phone, email, or WhatsApp (or any real-time messaging app). We know and can identify all the technical issues to watch out for.

    That is why we are proud of our support team here at VoiceSpin!

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    Looking for a contact center solution?

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