Cloud Call Center Software for Sales and Support Teams

Embrace call center technology to empower your sales and support teams, enable remote working, scale when needed, and cut down on costs with cloud call center software.

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Cloud-Based Call Center Software to
Manage Your Inbound and Outbound Calls

Streamline and Optimize Your
Inbound Call Management

Handle your inbound calls like a pro with a bunch of inbound call management features, including Automatic Call Distribution, IVR, call routing, queue callbacks, and screen pop-ups, and ensure quick and efficient issue resolutions while delivering excellent experiences in every interaction.

Call management optimization
Outbound calling campaigns features

Maximize the Efficiency of Your
Outbound Calling Campaigns

Improve the efficiency of your outbound calling efforts with an AI auto dialer that connects your prospects to the best-suited sales reps to maximize your sales conversions. Make your sales team more productive than ever and let them focus on what matters – closing deals.

Scale up When Needed with No
Interruption to Your Operations

With 100% of the infrastructure based on the public cloud, VoiceSpin ensures top-notch call quality, offers greater flexibility, and provides impeccable scalability to meet the growing needs of your business almost instantly without disrupting your operations.

Scalable cloud-based infrastructure
Data security

Enjoy Unmatched Reliability
and Data Security

Maintain operational quality and reliability and enjoy a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. With geographically distributed data centers, advanced encryption, and a high level of cyber resilience, you can rest assured your customer data is protected while your business remains compliant.

Integrate with Your CRM System
and Other Business Tools

No more switching between multiple apps – integrate VoiceSpin’s call center software to the CRM of your choice or other back-end systems by leveraging pre-built integrations and open APIs. Keep all data in sync across systems, automate agent workflows, and boost your team’s efficiency.

CRM integration to cloud call center

Cloud Call Center Software Features to Match Your Business Needs

Global Number Coverage

Get access to international local numbers from 160+ countries from across the globe and connect with your customers and prospects no matter where they are.

Call Routing and IVR

Set up advanced call routing and Interactive Voice Response menus to route calls to the right agents and deliver outstanding service experience, every time.

Call Recording

Use automated call recording to record and listen to customer interactions at any time. Review past calls for QA, performance monitoring, or agent training needs.

AI Auto Dialer

Save your sales reps from manual dialing, automate the entire outbound calling process, increase agent talk times, and watch your sales conversions soar.

Call Monitoring

Listen in on active calls to monitor how your agents are performing and meeting your quality standards. Provide on-call guidance to new hires with call whispering.

Reporting and Analytics

Use pre-built or custom reports to track your critical KPIs, wave goodbye to guesswork, and make smarter business decisions guided by in-depth reporting.

AI Speech Analyzer

Unlock even deeper insights into your interactions by integrating AI speech analytics and prevent costly non-compliance issues with keyword spotting.

Bulk SMS Text Messaging

Expand your outreach with bulk SMS text messaging, set up and schedule customized bulk SMS campaigns in a few clicks, and drive greater customer engagement.

24/7 Customer Support

Get professional customer support right when you need it – our support reps are here for you round the clock every single day of the week, 365 days a year.

Get Your Cloud VoIP Call Center Software, Built for Businesses at Any Stage

Whether you’re looking for enterprise cloud call center software or call center software for small businesses – we’ve got you covered. Book a free demo now to see how VoiceSpin’s feature-rich, remote-ready cloud call center software caters to the needs of businesses of any size at any stage of their growth.


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