VoIP Phone System for Education & E-learning Organizations

VoIP phone system for educational institutions
Deliver seamless support and proactively reach out to your students while reducing overall operational costs with a robust VoIP phone system for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations.
VoIP phone system for educational institutions

Streamline Communications with Education Call Center Software

Dealing with seasonal call volume spikes, handling multiple communication channels, and delivering important information to students or parents quickly and accurately while managing disjointed systems and databases are some of the key challenges faced by educational institutions and e-learning providers. VoiceSpin’s cloud-based VoIP contact center solutions have been built to handle these challenges and more.

Support omnichannel

omnichannel educational software

Let students reach you through voice and digital communication channels and provide smooth omnichannel experiences throughout their education journey. Ensure callers are guided to the right department on their first try with IVR and call routing.

omnichannel educational software
Reach out to potential students

Engage potential
students proactively

Reach out to potential students

Reach out to potential students proactively with an AI auto dialer that optimizes the entire outbound calling process. Use local presence dialing to improve call answer rates, drive better engagement, and increase enrollment at your educational institution.

Protect school and
student data

Protect your student data

The best VoIP phone systems for schools and universities take data privacy and security seriously. With VoiceSpin cloud call center, you can rest assured all your communications are secure and all data remains private, encrypted, and protected. 

Protect your student data
CRM integration

Integrate with your
CRM system

CRM integration

Seamlessly integrate VoiceSpin’s contact center software with your CRM or database and keep all data in sync, in one place. Automate call logging and manage student records, enrollment, and other administrative processes. 

School and higher education call center features

Inbound & outbound

Easily manage all your inbound and outbound communications, support students on their preferred channels, and deliver personalized experiences.

Call recordings

Automatically record and log all phone calls in your CRM. Review call recordings or listen in to calls in real time to assess quality and compliance.

Text messaging

Ensure critical information reaches students, parents, and staff quickly and efficiently through automated, customized text messages.

Reports & analytics

Get instant access to comprehensive reports and analytics to view your most important metrics and KPIs and make more informed decisions.


Get your cloud contact center up and running in under 24 hours and easily scale your operations as you grow. No need to purchase expensive hardware.


Whether you need a school phone system or a complete omnichannel contact center for your e-learning business, our solutions are tailor-made to align with your needs.

Get your secure and reliable VoIP phone system for the education sector

If you’re looking for a private school cloud phone system or call center software for colleges and universities, book a 30-minute demo to learn more about VoiceSpin’s VoIP contact center solutions and how they can work for your school, higher ed institution, or e-learning business. Hebrew University and Sapir Academic College are already leveraging VoiceSpin’s call center solutions to their advantage.

call center software for education

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