Call Routing Software
for Better Call

Manage your inbound call flows, leverage multiple call routing options, automatically connect customers with the most relevant agents, and resolve more issues on the first contact.

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A Call Routing System to Streamline Your Inbound Call Flow

Route Inbound Calls to the Best-
Suited Agents, Every Time

Automatically route incoming calls to the most appropriate departments, teams, or agents based on call routing rules that work best for your business with VoiceSpin phone call routing software. Customize call flows during and after business hours to ensure continuous service.

call routing software
Call Routing with IVR

Optimize Your Call Routing
with IVR and Increase Your
FCR Rates

Set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu to capture more customer data and optimize your call routing strategy by matching every caller with the right support rep. Reduce wait times and speed up resolutions while improving your FCR rates and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Improve Customer Experience
with Call Queue Management

Set up inbound call queues to ensure minimum hold times and reduce call transfers. Improve the experience for your customers and minimize abandoned calls by enabling them to request a callback once they reach the front of the queue without having to wait on hold.

Call Queue Management
Call routing CRM integration

Integrate with Your CRM to
Give Agents More Context
on Every Call

Integrate your call routing software with the CRM of your choice – we offer both out-of-the-box and custom integrations with 50+ CRM systems and business apps. Ensure your reps always have the right context with screen pops to resolve issues faster and deliver personalized experiences.

Route Your Incoming
Calls Based on
Specific Rules

Route Your Incoming Calls Based on Specific Rules
Time-Based Routing

Route inbound calls to the relevant destination during specific times of the day or days of the week.

Geo-Based Routing

Route incoming phone calls to different destinations based on the caller's geographic location.

Skill-Based Routing

Connect callers to agents who are best equipped to handle their requests based on skills and expertise.

Integrates with Your
Favorite CRM System

Automatically log all calls in your CRM. VoiceSpin call center software seamlessly integrates with the leading CRM systems, including Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, and dozens more.

Integrated with Zoho CRM Integrated with Salesforce Integrated with Hubspot Integrated with Pipedrive
Integrated with Zendesk Integrated with Keap CRM Integrated with Insightly Integrated with Zapier

Other Call Center Features to
Enhance Your Call Management

IVR Menus

Create simple or multi-level Interactive Voice Response menus for more efficient call handling, reduce unnecessary call transfers, and improve your CSAT scores.

Call Queueing

Manage your inbound call volume in an organized way by routing incoming calls to the appropriate call queues and reduce the number of dropped calls.

Queue Callbacks

Enable customers to request a callback and reserve their place in a queue without having to waste time on hold. Avoid customer frustration and call abandonment.

Call Recording

Automatically record customer calls to stay compliant, review call recordings for QA and training purposes, and keep them for as long as you need with unlimited storage.

Call Monitoring

Listen in on live calls to keep an eye on how your reps are handling interactions. Streamline the onboarding process for your new hires with call whispering.

Reporting &

Stay on top of your team’s performance and track your most critical metrics and KPIs with advanced reporting to make data-guided decisions.

AI Speech Analyzer

Integrate AI speech analytics to gain deeper insights into every call, transcribe calls, and generate post-call summaries to uncover trends and behaviors.

AI Auto Dialer

Boost the efficiency of your outbound calling campaigns with an AI auto dialer that connects leads to the best-suited agents to maximize conversions.

Set Your Customer Support Team up for Success with Call Routing Software

Get flexible call routing options, ensure callers always reach the right teams or agents, and empower your support reps to resolve issues on the first interaction. Book a demo to see how VoiceSpin call routing software works for your business. Plus, explore dozens of other features to handle your inbound and outbound calls effectively.


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