Impactful Communication
for Successful Sales & Retention

After serving nearly 1000 customers, we can confidently say that every business operates in a highly competitive market.
Getting hold of leads and customers in the most impactful moment is the ‘make or break’ to close deals and satisfy customers. 
That’s where we come in.

About company VoiceSpin
About company VoiceSpin 4
About company VoiceSpin 2

3 partners.
Tens of employees.
Hundreds of partnerships.
Offices worldwide.

Voicespin has been developing sales enabling messaging and communication requirements for 15 year.

The latest tech developments enabled us to move to multi cloud foundations, minimize downtime to the max , provide local and global numbers for any business, as well as the best communication mean for any touch point on their customer journey.

Provided as a service is part of our core belief .

  • We are service oriented and always will be.
  •  We believe that every business needs to pay for what they need at any given moment without stressing over upgrades, maintenance, and storage. 


Always Proactive
The communication and messaging world is constantly changing, In 15 years we've experienced 6 revolutions. What made us constantly grow is our proactivity. It lets us always stay one step ahead and serve our customers most critical needs.
Move fast
Our business and your business need to be responsive in the way that our customers expect us to. For the past 15 years we've been agile and responsive to our customers requirements. The essence of our operation mode is always to respond quickly and live up to the market demands. So that you can stay impactful throughout YOUR customers journey.
We believe in partnerships. We spend time and resources to connect to the sources that will help your business grow. We connect to the best platforms so that you will have a plug and play solution. We connect to telecom players worldwide so that your local business will have a global feel.
We also believe that partnerships inside our company are the best way to move forward fast and accurately. We recruit team players. We focus on team building and team spirit all the time.
Meir Grinspun
david lubarski
David Lubarski
Co-Founder and COO
Rommy El Ami
Rommy El Ami
Co-Founder and CEO

R&D and service Centers:

IL Main Branch
Tfutsot Yisra'el St 3, Giv'atayim
3 Kiryat Hamada St Gati, Jerusalem
IL Yokne'am
Ha-Tsmikha St 1, Yokne'am Illit
IL Hadera
Hillel Yafe St 11, Hadera
Yaroslaviv Val Street, KYIV
Yerevan, Armenia

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