Automatic Call Distribution Software for Better Customer Experience

Seamlessly handle your inbound call volume with Automatic Call Distribution, route calls to the best-suited agents, and minimize wait times, ensuring a better customer experience with every interaction.

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Streamline Your Inbound Call Management with Automatic Call Distribution

Connect Your Customers to the Right Agents, Every Time

Handle large volumes of inbound calls easily and efficiently with an Automatic Call Distribution system. Ensure incoming calls are always routed to the most relevant agents based on your call routing preferences, reducing customer friction and minimizing call transfers and wait times.

A flowchart illustrating the call routing process in a contact center.
Smartphone screen displaying an interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Resolve Customer Issues on the First Call with Call Routing and IVR

Today’s consumers increasingly want their issues to be resolved quickly and effectively, ideally on the first call. Ensure a more efficient call distribution with multiple call routing options and Interactive Voice Response and enjoy increased FCR rates and customer satisfaction.

Improve the Experience for Your Call Center Agents, Too

Enable fair call distribution with VoiceSpin’s ACD software to balance the workload for your team and ensure agents always handle issues they are best suited for. Empower your reps to serve customers better and resolve requests at the speed customers have come to expect.

Illustration of an Automatic Call Distribution system with three pathways representing the distribution of incoming calls among different agents.
Screenshot of VoiceSpin’s contact center software interface showing CRM integration options including Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Make, SugarCRM, and Zapier.

Deliver More Personalized Interactions with CRM Integrations

Leverage native or custom CRM integrations to give your agents more context in every call and enable them to deliver more personalized interactions with a 360-degree customer view. VoiceSpin’s contact center solution integrates with 50+ CRM systems, including Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot.

Connects to the Leading
CRM Systems

Your team’s calling activity is automatically logged and synced into your CRM to reduce manual input.

Integrated with Zoho CRM Integrated with Salesforce Integrated with Hubspot Integrated with Pipedrive
Integrated with Zendesk Integrated with Keap CRM Integrated with Insightly Integrated with Zapier

Leverage Other Call Management Features Alongside ACD

Queue Management

Organize and manage your inbound call queues in the most efficient way to reduce wait times and call transfers and improve customer experience.

Queue Callbacks 

Avoid dropped calls when all of your reps are busy by enabling callers to request a callback and reserve their place in the queue instead of having to wait on hold.

Call Recording

Record calls automatically or on demand for quality assurance, compliance, or agent training and securely store recordings for as long as you need.

Call Monitoring

Keep tabs on how your reps are interacting with customers with real-time call monitoring and speed up onboarding of new hires with call whispering.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor all calls in real time as they are happening and leverage advanced call coaching features to get new team members up to speed faster.

AI Speech Analyzer

Unlock deeper insights into every call with AI speech analytics, generate call summaries, and identify potential problem areas and improvement opportunities.

Optimize Your Inbound Call Center Operations with an Automatic Call Distribution System

Manage your inbound call flow better, smarter, and more effectively with VoiceSpin’s Automatic Call Distribution software and improve the experience for both – your customers and agents. Book a demo call now to see how it works and how it can optimize your inbound call management.


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