Call Monitoring Software for Call
Center Management

Go beyond post-call reporting and hear first-hand how your support and sales teams are handling calls. Enhance coaching and drive better performance for your call center.

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Stay on Top of Ongoing Calls
with Call Center Monitoring Software

Monitor Inbound and
Outbound Calls in Real Time

Track agent activity through the real-time dashboard and monitor calls as they are happening with live call monitoring. Don’t just take their word for it and see for yourself how your reps are interacting with leads and customers and where they need more training to maximize their potential.

Сall monitoring software interface showing agent details with options to listen in and whisper to the agent, alongside call details like agent number, caller ID, and call duration.
Interface of a call recording system with a playback control bar, a list of records with options to download, and a cloud symbol indicating storage or cloud functionality.

Leverage Call Recordings for Better QA, Compliance, and Training

Utilize call recording for better call quality monitoring. Review recorded calls to capture more details on each interaction and ensure nothing gets overlooked. With VoiceSpin’s unlimited cloud storage, you can store recordings for as long as you need for compliance, QA, or training purposes.

Make Onboarding a Breeze with Call Whispering

Join in on active calls and secretly speak to your agents without the customer being aware of your presence. Provide new hires with on-the-fly directions and tips without disrupting the flow of the conversation. Speed up the onboarding and boost your reps' confidence from day one.

Call center agent monitoring interface displaying the agent's name, current status as 'Talkout', and the time spent in that status, with options to listen or whisper to the agent.
Dashboard view of call center analytics with various graphs and charts, including a line graph, a pie chart, and a progress gauge indicating the percentage of tasks completed.

Keep Tabs on Your Call Center Performance with Reporting

Keep track of all the critical metrics and KPIs that matter to your business with our built-in reporting and analytics capabilities. Measure your team’s performance and the overall health of your call center to better guide your decision-making and drive actionable improvements.

Integrates with the
Leading CRM Systems

Your team’s calling activity is automatically logged and synced into your CRM to reduce manual input. VoiceSpin call
center software seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, and other popular CRM systems.

Integrated with Zoho CRM Integrated with Salesforce Integrated with Hubspot Integrated with Pipedrive
Integrated with Zendesk Integrated with Keap CRM Integrated with Insightly Integrated with Zapier

More Features for Efficient
Inbound and Outbound Call Management

Call Routing

Customize your call routing rules to direct inbound phone calls to the right destination each and every time, increase your FCR rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

Interactive Voice Response

Set up multi-level IVR menus to better capture customer intent and streamline the call handling process. Reduce call transfers, saving your reps time and effort.

Queue Callbacks

Say goodbye to long wait times and dropped calls by offering a callback option. Enable callers to secure their spot in the queue without having to wait on hold.

AI Auto Dialer

Empower your sales team to run efficient outbound calling campaigns with an AI auto dialer. Ensure leads are connected to the best-suited reps to maximize conversions.

AI Speech Analyzer

Gain even deeper insights into each call by integrating AI speech analytics. Monitor and transcribe calls and generate post-call summaries to uncover trends and issues.

CRM Integrations

Integrate your call center with any CRM (50+ out-of-the-box and custom integrations available). Ensure data is automatically synced across your systems.

Ready to Unlock the Benefits of Call Monitoring Software for Your Business?

Start monitoring your agents’ calls and stay on top of your team’s performance. Plus, get access to dozens of other inbound and outbound call management features to improve CX and boost your call center efficiency. Book a demo call now to see how it works and how it can benefit your business.


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