Call Queuing Software for Inbound Call Management

Manage high volumes of inbound calls in an organized way with call queue software that minimizes wait times for callers, reduces dropped calls, and improves customer experience.

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Leverage Call Queue Software
for Streamlined Call Handling

Set and Manage Your Inbound Call Queues Your Way

Organize your incoming calls into call queues to streamline and optimize your inbound call handling. Define rules for your call queues – from maximum wait time to maximum number of calls in queue – to fit the unique needs of your business and your customers’ expectations.

Settings interface for timing and agent options in call queuing software, including maximum wait time and removal conditions.
Configuration panel for call queue music and caller position announcements in call management software.

Enable a Better Call Queueing Experience for Inbound Callers

Make the waiting experience a bit more comfortable for your callers with custom hold music, pre-recorded greetings, or relevant announcements while they wait for the next available agent. Enhance it even further by letting callers know their position in the queue and estimated wait times.

Reduce the Number of Dropped Calls with Queue Callbacks

Studies show that waiting on hold even for one minute feels like too much for over 60% of consumers. When a queue is full, enable callers to leave a voicemail or secure their spot in the queue and receive a call once an agent is available with a queue callback option. Save your callers time and minimize abandoned calls.

Call capacity settings in queuing software showing maximum waiting callers and callback options.
Flow diagram illustrating call distribution from callers to agents with the number of calls handled in queuing software.

Balance Workload and Optimize Your Team’s Productivity

Distribute incoming calls fairly and efficiently among available team members to prevent overload on specific agents, avoid burnout, and improve your team’s productivity. Keep tabs on live queue metrics and queue reports to adjust agent scheduling and staff allocation.

Integrates with the Leading
CRM Systems

Automatically log all calls in your CRM and automate agent workflows. VoiceSpin call center software integrates
with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, and dozens more.

Integrated with Zoho CRM Integrated with Salesforce Integrated with Hubspot Integrated with Pipedrive
Integrated with Zendesk Integrated with Keap CRM Integrated with Insightly Integrated with Zapier

Enhance Your Inbound Call Management
with These Complementing Features

Call Routing

Ensure callers are always routed to the right departments or agents with advanced call routing. Improve First Call Resolution Rates and customer experience.

Interactive Voice Response

Manage inbound calls even more efficiently with IVR menus. Capture customer intent before routing each call, reduce call transfers, and increase customer satisfaction.

Call Recording

Record inbound calls automatically or on-demand for quality control, agent training, or compliance purposes and securely store call recordings in the cloud.

Call Monitoring

Monitor phone calls as they are happening to stay on top of your team’s performance. See first-hand how your reps are interacting with customers and uncover training needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Review built-in or generate custom reports and track your most critical metrics and KPIs. Monitor the overall health of your call center and make more informed decisions.

CRM Integrations

Connect your call center platform with the tools you already use through out-of-the-box or custom integration options and sync customer data across systems.

Ready to Set up Your Call Queue Management System and Improve Customer Experience?

Reduce wait times, improve CX, and maximize your team’s productivity – our call queueing software allows you to do just that and much more. Schedule a demo call now to learn more about how VoiceSpin can help you better manage high volumes of inbound calls and find the right plan that works best for your business.


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