AI Speech Analyzer Software for Call Center Quality Assurance

Get deeper insights into every interaction, improve your call center QA, prevent non-compliance, and stay on top of agent performance and customer sentiment with VoiceSpin’s AI-based Speech Analyzer.

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Monitor 100% of Calls Within Your Call Center with Speech Analytics Software

Automate Your Call Center QA Process and Spot Inefficiencies

Automate your entire call center quality assurance process by monitoring 100% of your inbound and outbound calls, eliminate manual effort, and save your QA team hundreds of hours. Assess agent performance, identify potential coaching opportunities, and spot inefficiencies to drive meaningful improvements.

Interface of AI Speech Analyzer Software showing an option to create new analysis types.
Display of current analysis types and trigger words in AI Speech Analyzer Software.

Reveal Non-Compliance Issues to Avoid Legal and Financial Penalties

See whether your reps adhere to scripts and compliance policies, track specific keywords and phrases, and reveal every occurrence of non-compliance across your voice interactions. Proactively prevent non-compliance issues with real-time warnings and manager alerts and avoid potential fines and penalties.

Generate AI Post-Call Summaries to Capture the Specifics of Every Call

Transcribe calls or go beyond the mere speech-to-text transcription and generate AI-powered post-call summaries to capture the most important aspects of every call based on your specific requirements. Gather key highlights to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and optimize follow-ups.

Visualization of agent and customer dialogue with sentiment analysis in AI Speech Analyzer Software.
AI Summary box of a call center conversation with fields for customer issue, agent response, and satisfaction level.

Leverage Customer Sentiment to Drive More Customer Satisfaction

No more guessing on how your customers perceive their interactions with your team. Track customer sentiment and discover trends and the root causes of customer dissatisfaction. Use sentiment analysis insights to help agents better navigate each interaction, ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction and lower churn.

Key Features of Our Speech
Analytics Solution

Accurate Call Transcriptions

Generate transcriptions of all your inbound and outbound calls and enjoy the industry-leading transcription accuracy powered by AI, ASR, and NLP technologies.

Translations into 120+ Languages

Get your call transcriptions translated into 120+ languages and dialects by seamlessly synchronizing them with the translation software.

Keyword and Phrase Spotting

Track particular keywords and phrases and notify managers through real-time alerts to prevent costly non-compliance penalties and reputational damage.

AI-Driven Post-Call Analytics

Instantly identify top-performing agents and those who need additional training by reviewing AI-generated post-call summaries of every voice interaction.

More Call Center Software Features to Use Alongside Speech Analysis

Call Recording

Automatically record calls, refer to recordings to enhance agent training, and keep them for as long as you need with unlimited storage.

Live Call Monitoring

Listen in on active calls in real-time or join in to secretly provide on-call guidance to your newly hired reps to enhance the onboarding process.

Advanced Reporting

Generate pre-built or custom reports and track your most critical metrics and KPIs to be informed on how your call center is performing.

CRM Integrations

Integrate with your favorite CRM system and store all transcriptions, recordings, and post-call summaries in one centralized location.

Empower Your Team with Call Center Speech Analytics Software Now

Gain meaningful insights into your voice interactions and surface trends, issues, and improvement opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed with an AI-driven speech analyzer. Book a demo call now to see VoiceSpin’s call center speech analytics software in action.


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