How to Choose a VoIP Provider

Top 5 Features: How to Choose a VoIP Provider

Business challenges in today’s fiercely competitive markets require several advanced technologies, including Internet telephony. This must-have feature integrates IP telephony into many of the tools on which a business relies. It is widely used to strengthen the proximity between a company’s employees and its potential customers. Therefore, integrating VoIP into a business information system is as important as any other component. This article reveals the tips that can help you choose a great VoIP provider.

Also, with the integration of telephony within a CRM and call tracking, traceability is easy and transparent, and each member of the workforce will have monitoring and can improve productivity for the ultimate challenge: customer and employee satisfaction.

1. Aim for a Stable Connection

The provider of this type of service must have a good reputation for the robustness and reliability of the connection it uses. Poor network quality directly results in data loss when you use the VoIP service.

Packet loss (the voice that is chopped up and digitized), technically speaking, reduces the throughput or speed of a given connection. This affects the quality of the protocols used, as well as the applications dedicated to voice processing.

Check out why a stable connection is crucial for a call center department in our article.

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2. Aim for a System Based on Cloud Technology

Adopting a system based on cloud technology ensures flexibility for your business. This is guaranteed with a wide range of professional telephony features. There will no doubt be a remarkable reduction in cost and time. Adding new phones is now a matter of minutes every time your business grows. Through such qualities, you achieve stability and high availability. Choosing a cloud solution increases availability. Access to the system is done within minutes of detecting a problem and without resorting to conventional intervention methods. 

3. Aim for Networks with a Global Geographic Scope

VoIP is a service deployed over an Internet network. As such, every factor in connection with this network can influence the efficiency of any exchange; specifically the bandwidth, connection speed, and even the routing techniques. Routing is the routing of data packets from one terminal to another. Therefore, the company must make a strategic choice regarding its supplier of this type of service so that the latter offers high availability through its extended network.  The supplier should offer several routing alternatives, providing the highest availability under all circumstances.

4. Aim for the Originality of Related Services

Look for a tool that can generate real-time keyword analysis of conversations or even emotional analysis of speech. The tool presents a set of qualities that make it suitable for regulatory compliance, chargeback limit, prevention against returns or complaints, and according to a trend of artificial intelligence, learning your customers through their behavior.

Also, look for a tool that can treat calls as if they were incoming calls. Opt for full automation and the elimination of manual intervention.

5. Aim for Multiple integrations

Security and safety lead you to find versatile solutions that are compatible with several data flow management platforms. Look for dynamic solutions in the form of integrations (Teams, SalesForce, Zoho…), implemented with the help of seasoned experts. The technical bridges established will allow you to navigate freely and easily in your information system. This flexibility guarantees the prosperity of your business. The governance of all the resources of your company will be simple and fluid, thus controlling the entire environment will be effective.

VoiceSpin combines all these qualities, as a trusted partner, to whom you can entrust the task of the permanent and sustainable development of your company. VoiceSpin’s solutions are the result of painstaking, long-term work involving experienced teams who know how to capitalize on time and data.

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  • Top 5 Features: How to Choose a VoIP Provider
    1. 1. Aim for a Stable Connection
    2. 2. Aim for a System Based on Cloud Technology
    3. 3. Aim for Networks with a Global Geographic Scope
    4. 4. Aim for the Originality of Related Services
    5. 5. Aim for Multiple integrations
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