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How to integrate Pipedrive and Voicespin
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    Pipedrive Integration Guide


    The following conditions must be met for the VoiceSpin PBX and Pipedrive integration:

    • You need to create and set up an account at VoiceSpin PBX.
    • You need your CustomerID and API token.
    • You need to have a VoiceSpin WebRTC Agent Panel.

    Your external IP should be whitelisted in order to make the calls (contact support@voicespin.com for this purpose).

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    Integration Steps:

    1) Installing the application

    1. Install the application from the Pipedrive marketplace.
    Voicespin App in Pipedrive marketplace
    Connect the VoiceSpin App by clicking on “Install now” and follow the instructions.
    1. You can also Install the application from the voicespin.com website.
    1. Choose a Pipedrive account you want to connect the App to.
    Connect Pipedrive to Voicespin
    Connect Pipedrive & Voicespin.
    Allow and install Voicespin
    Click on “Allow and Install”.
    1. Enter your Customer ID and API Token, choose your VoiceSpin PBX, and click on “Activate Integration”.
    Customer ID and API token connection
    Done! You will be redirected back to your Pipedrive account.

    2) Installing Google Chrome Extension

    You can easily set up click-to-call via the VoiceSpin’s browser extension in order to start a call in VoiceSpin when clicking on a number in Pipedrive. Download VoiceSpin Google Chrome extension

    Install Google Chrome extension

    Use the VoiceSpin PBX name, extension number, and secret for configuring the Google Chrome extension. Make sure you have removed any other providers’ phone integrations or Chrome extensions before setting up the VoiceSpin click-to-call.

    Voicespin extension use
    Chrome extension finds all phone numbers on the page and allows users to dial numbers immediately.

    3) PBX features

    1. Accessing VoiceSpin Agent Panel

    After all configurations (Agent, Number, and Secret) are set for a new user by a call center manager, the user may log into the call center via the Agent Panel.

    Voicespin agent panel
    Voicespin agent panel menu
    1. Call logs

    After each call, VoiceSpin PBX automatically creates call notes:

    Dialer logs and notes
    Dialer logs and notes.
    Call logs and notes in extension
    Call logs and notes.
    1. Inbound calls, AI dialer
    • For receiving inbound calls or working with an AI Dialer for managing outbound calls, you need to log into the VoiceSpin Agent Panel in another window. 
    • For that, open your PBX main page and click on “Agent Panel”. 
    • After the authorization in the Agent Panel, you will be able to receive inbound calls and make outbound calls to any numbers.
    • The link is similar to this: https://PBXNAME.pbx.voicespin.com/panel
    1. Opening the Agent Panel in the separate window allows you to:
    • control the call (mute/ unmute, hold/ unhold, transfer calls, conference)
    • access to agent statistics
    • access messaging features
    • access the agent’s contacts and call history

    4) Voicespin PBX configuration

    The rest of the configuration in PBX – which is an important part – is done by the VoiceSpin support team. Contact your account manager or send us an email to support@voicespin.com to get the configuration completed.

    5) Customizations

    Some call centers may have different workflows, requiring different customizations and integrations. If you need a custom solution, please, contact us – we are always ready to assist!

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    Looking for a contact center solution?

    Powerful AI dialer, bulk SMS, and more tools for running an omnichannel contact center.

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