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HubSpot Integration Guide

Free HubSpot integration with Voicespin works without additional middleware and provides top connection quality and security.


The conditions have to be met for Voicespin PBX and HubSpot integration:

  • you need to have a created and set up Voicespin PBX (
  • find your CustomerID and API token at Voicespin Portal
  • follow the setup wizard until the end, it will ask you for CustomerID
  • user needs to use Voicespin WebRTC Agent Panel

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Integration steps:

1. Install the application

2. Configure extensions mapping

Assign PBX agents to HubSpot user ID.

HubSpot integration - Configure extensions mapping

3. Making 1st call

To make an outbound call from HubSpot, open a “Contact“, click on “Make a phone call” button. Then the wizard will ask for CustomerID and API token. After authorization choose your PBX if you have several activated on the same CustomerID.

Voicespin WebRTC Agent Panel will pop up. The first time you need to enter Agent and Extension Number with Secret Password. After login Panel will start dialing.

You need to do that just once. The system will generate tokens and remember the mapping between your account and Voicespin Agent and Extension.

4. Inbound calls

For receiving inbound calls or working with AI Dialer, you need to login in Voicespin Agent Panel in another window. For that open your PBX main page and click on “Agent panel”. After authorization in the Agent panel, you will be able to receive inbound calls and also make outbound calls to any numbers

Opening the Agent panel in the separate window allows you to:

  • control the call (mute/unmute, hold/unhold, transfer calls, conference)
  • access to agent statistics
  • access messaging features
  • access agent’s contacts and call history
HubSpot integration - VoiceSpin agent panel


Sometimes in Call centers, there are different workflows and different customizations and integrations are needed.

Whenever you need that, please, contact your [email protected].

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  • HubSpot Integration Guide
    1. Requirements:
    2. Integration steps:
    3. 1. Install the application
    4. 2. Configure extensions mapping
    5. 3. Making 1st call
    6. 4. Inbound calls
    7. Opening the Agent panel in the separate window allows you to:
    8. Customizations
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