Quality case study

How VoiceSpin Helped Quality Increase Sales by up to 125%

About Quality

Quality is an insurance agency and subsidiary of ‘Phoenix’, one of the leading investment houses in Israel, managing a total of $15 billion in assets. The company’s services include pension plan management, retirement planning, life and health insurance, education funds, and alternative investments. Quality strives to provide highly personalized services tailored to the unique needs of every client and believes that it’s a major driver of the company’s continued success.

The Challenge

At the time Quality started using VoiceSpin’s call center software solution, the company had 150 employees and 20 agents working during a shift. As with any insurance company, Quality’s success was built on its ability to reach out to as many leads and book as many sales meetings as possible to increase the client base. Sales agents, however, had to use multiple disjointed systems to manage their workflow, which negatively impacted their productivity and prevented them from using their time more efficiently.

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The Solution

Quality’s team was looking for a solution that would allow them to improve and optimize agent workflow, enabling their sales agents to be more productive, reach out to more prospective clients, and book more meetings. When they learned about VoiceSpin’s insurance call center software, they realized that it could help them solve that challenge. Besides that, the ’Let’s do’ approach of the VoiceSpin’s team and their readiness to deliver custom integration options compelled Quality to choose VoiceSpin among the competing solutions. 

The Outcomes

Integration of the company’s current insurance system with the VoiceSpin’s omnichannel communication platform helped improve the experience for agents, optimize their workflow, and make them much more efficient, resulting in increased sales and ROI. Agents could now use one centralized platform to handle interactions with leads and customers across multiple touchpoints without having to constantly switch between several systems.

  • More leads contacted per shift

By leveraging local presence dialing when calling prospects worldwide and reducing the risk of their numbers being flagged as spam, the company managed to dramatically increase call answer rates, improving the efficiency of their outbound calling efforts. That meant agents were able to reach more leads in a shorter amount of time. As a result, the number of leads being contacted during a shift increased by up to 180%

  • More meetings with potential clients

Since agents were using a single platform to handle their communications with prospects and customers and were able to connect with more leads by calling them from local numbers, that ultimately helped them book more sales meetings. On average, the number of meetings for every sales agent increased by 52%.

  • Increased sales per agent

Finally, as a result of all of the above, the company managed to increase sales per agent by as much as 125%. Beyond that, improved workflow and increased agent efficiency and productivity enabled them to reduce the overall cost per lead, which means reduced operational costs and improved ROI for their business.

Together with VoiceSpin, the answer rate in our call center increased, and, following that, our sales increased by 125% for every sales agent. By adding automatic local presence with VoiceSpin when calling worldwide, the spam rate went down, and we were able to reach more potential clients.

About VoiceSpin

As a global provider of VoIP telephony and AI contact center solutions for sales and support teams, VoiceSpin has been serving thousands of businesses from various industries (including retail, insurance, finance, real estate, healthcare, education, and telemarketing) for over 15 years, working with both SMBs and large enterprises. VoiceSpin’s solutions help businesses better manage their inbound and outbound communications across voice and digital channels, improve customer experiences, and increase sales through automation and AI auto dialing tools. VoiceSpin’s solutions integrate with 50+ leading CRM systems and business apps.

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  • How VoiceSpin Helped Quality Increase Sales by up to 125%
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