Quik case study

How VoiceSpin Helped Quik’s Sales Agents Increase Their Workload Capacity by 250%

About Quick

Quick is an online supermarket with large-scale delivery capabilities based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Established in 2018, it now operates in about 280 locations across the country, being the third largest in the retail field and the only one that operates entirely online. Through partnerships with local supermarkets, Quick guarantees quick delivery to customers, making their online shopping experience effortless and convenient.

The Challenge

Before they started using VoiceSpin’s call center software platform, Quick had 100 employees and 30 sales agents among them who were responsible for handling inbound orders and managing the inventory, logistics, and all delivery-related issues while also meeting their sales targets. 

The sales reps had to manage multiple disparate tasks simultaneously, each one through a separate internal system. An inbound order would have to be placed in one system, then the agent would have to switch to a different system to check the inventory, and then to another system to manage the delivery process. 

As a result, the sales agents were spending significant time and effort during their shifts switching between several disjointed systems, negatively impacting their efficiency and productivity. With each system having its own structure and operation methods, it was challenging for the management to ensure each agent could use each system properly and work at their maximum capacity. 

The Solution

To solve that challenge, the company was looking for an effective way to streamline operations and sync data across the existing systems into one centralized platform. It would enable agents to do their jobs more efficiently and use their time more productively. Impressed by VoiceSpin’s development capabilities and integration options, Quick’s management realized that VoiceSpin could bring together inputs from multiple systems into one centralized dashboard.

The Outcomes

  • Increased workload capacity

Since Quick’s agents had to constantly switch between multiple disjointed platforms while managing customer orders and organizing deliveries, it created a major obstacle that prevented them from using their time and efforts more efficiently. Implementing VoiceSpin’s solution that integrated several platforms into a single, easy-to-use system immediately helped solve that challenge and resulted in a 250% increase in workload capacity.

  • Better time management

The streamlined workflow dramatically improved the experience for the agents by enabling them to access data and handle all operations from a single platform. Knowing how to manage the entire order processing workflow from start to finish through one system meant that agents were able to use their working time more effectively, which ultimately led to a 180% increase in time efficiency.

  • More sales per agent

As the agents no longer had to waste a considerable amount of time switching from screen to screen or trying to learn how to manage new systems, they could focus more on getting their tasks done quickly and efficiently while serving more customers. A 20% increase in average sales per agent was a natural outcome that Quick achieved after implementing the VoiceSpin’s solution.

“The VoiceSpin’s solution improved the agents’ workflow, resulting in a significant increase in their workload capacity and sales without an increase in manpower.”

About VoiceSpin

VoiceSpin is a leading provider of cloud-based VoIP telephony and AI contact center software solutions for businesses of various industries and all sizes, both SMBs and large-scale enterprises. It has been serving thousands of customers across the globe, helping them streamline their inbound and outbound customer communications, improve customer experiences, and boost the efficiency of their sales efforts. Packed with a rich set of features, VoiceSpin’s communications platform seamlessly integrates with 50+ most popular CRM systems and other business tools. 

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  • How VoiceSpin Helped Quik’s Sales Agents Increase Their Workload Capacity by 250%
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