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How Midrag Improved Agent Productivity by 20% by Leveraging the VoiceSpin-Zoho CRM Integration

About Midrag

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Israel, Midrag is the country’s first and largest company for rating local service providers, including lawyers, dentists, plumbers, electricians, etc. When using Midrag’s website or the app, users can easily locate the best service providers in their city based on other users’ ratings and comments. As part of improving their business operations, the company implemented an integration that links Zoho CRM and VoiceSpin’s cloud telephony system for sales and customer service purposes.

The Challenge 

To enable more seamless operations, increase their team’s efficiency and productivity, enhance user experience, and improve customer communications, Midrag was looking for a solution that would allow them to achieve just that without overwhelming the team with multiple tools. Since the company was already using VoiceSpin’s call center solutions and the Zoho CRM system for their sales and customer support operations, the idea of the integration between the two systems seemed the most reasonable solution.

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The Solution

VoiceSpin’s team instantly took the lead in implementing the integration between the two systems, with a minimum effort required from Midrag’s side. As a result, VoiceSpin integrated their call center software solution with Midrag’s Zoho CRM, which enabled agents to make and receive calls directly within the Zoho CRM. In addition, VoiceSpin’s team helped embed the call monitoring widget into the CRM system for managers to enable them to have quick access to crucial call data right on their home dashboards. 

The Outcomes

Midrag’s team was able to enjoy multiple benefits as a result of integrating VoiceSpin’s call center software features and capabilities into their Zoho CRM system. The most significant outcomes they achieved are the following: 

  • Increased agent productivity

Before the integration, agents had to manually copy-paste numbers when making outbound calls to customers, which was clearly inefficient and time-consuming. Integrating the click-to-call function into the CRM enabled agents to initiate outbound calls in a single click and reduced the time and manual effort required to handle outbound voice communications. That ultimately led to a 20% increase in agent productivity. In practice, it meant agents were able to make more outbound calls in less time, streamlining the entire outbound communication process.

  • Enhanced customer service experiences

In the case of inbound customer communications, the integration allowed Midrag to enhance the service experience delivered to their customers. Since agents were able to immediately access all the available customer details with screen pop-ups within the CRM system, it enabled them to handle inbound calls more efficiently and deliver a more personalized, contextual customer service experience. That also resulted in improved customer satisfaction and increased CSAT scores.

  • Improved agent experience

Having to constantly switch between the two systems when handling customer interactions has been a major source of frustration for the agents that negatively impacted their experience. When the two systems were integrated, agents didn’t have to do it anymore and could handle inbound and outbound calls, access customer data, log calls, and update customer records – all from a single unified interface, which helped improve their experience dramatically.

  • Access to real-time insights

The integration between the VoiceSpin and Zoho CRM systems helped improve the experience for managers, too. Since managers gained access to real-time call data and agent performance metrics through the embedded widget, it allowed them to measure the efficiency of operations more effectively, access agent performance, and identify improvement opportunities. It also facilitated more rapid decision-making and allowed for proactive adjustments.

Here’s what Eli, Chief Business Development Officer from Midrag said:

The integration helped us streamline operations and made the experience better for both agents, managers, and our customers. It enabled us to save lots of time and effort and improve the efficiency and productivity of our agents by at least 15-20%.

About VoiceSpin

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, VoiceSpin is a provider of cloud VoIP telephony and AI contact center software solutions that has been serving thousands of customers across the globe, including SMBs and large-scale enterprises. VoiceSpin’s solutions enable businesses to manage their inbound and outbound voice and digital communications effectively, increase agent productivity, and improve customer service experiences and sales conversions through AI and automation tools. VoiceSpin’s solutions seamlessly integrate with the leading CRM systems, including Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, among others.

About Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is known as one of the highest-rated CRM systems, trusted by over 250,000 businesses in 180 countries. Packed with a rich set of features, it serves the needs of start-ups and large-scale businesses in industries like real estate, insurance, travel, healthcare, banking, media, and many more that use it to enhance their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts. Zoho CRM can be easily customized to meet the unique needs of any business type and size. Integrating VoiceSpin’s call center solutions into Zoho CRM allows businesses to extend its capabilities even further with features like click-to-call, auto dialer, and screen pop-ups.

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  • How Midrag Improved Agent Productivity by 20% by Leveraging the VoiceSpin-Zoho CRM Integration
    1. The Challenge 
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    3. The Outcomes
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