Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions for Real Estate

Equip your agents with robust cloud contact center software for the real estate industry to handle inbound and outbound calls and messages, reach out to more prospects, generate more leads, and convert them into sales.

Real Estate Contact Center Software That Meets Your Business Needs

Omnichannel communications are becoming increasingly expected in real estate. With VoiceSpin’s VoIP contact center solutions, your agents can communicate more effectively with prospects and clients across various channels, maximizing the value of each interaction and closing more deals for your real estate business.

Deliver seamless
omnichannel experiences

Easily manage your omnichannel communications – talk to your prospects on the phone, via email, Instant Messengers, or social media within a single omnichannel contact center platform. Enable your prospects and clients to engage with your real estate business through the channel of their choice.

Reach out to potential students

Automate your outbound
calling with an AI auto dialer

Reach out to potential students

Cold calling is one of the most traditional marketing strategies in real estate. Optimize the way your agents handle long lead lists with AI-powered real estate auto dialer software. Let the dialer automate the entire outbound calling process, freeing up your agents to focus on closing deals.

Improve Call Answer Rate and
connect with more leads

Local presence for Telemarketing

A low Call Answer Rate is a common challenge for real estate businesses. We partner with telco providers from across the globe, so you can get numbers from almost every country and use Local Presence to increase your Call Answer Rate, engage with more prospects, and drive more sales.

Local presence for Telemarketing
CRM integration

Integrate with your
favorite CRM

CRM integration

VoiceSpin’s real estate business phone system easily integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and other leading CRM platforms, enabling you to sync contacts, manage leads, and automatically log calls into your CRM to always know who’s calling in.

Powerful real estate call center software features

Inbound & outbound

Take advantage of all the basic and advanced AI-driven features of call center software for real estate to streamline your inbound and outbound calls.

Omnichannel communications

Enhance your real estate phone system with omnichannel capabilities and let your prospects and clients connect with you on their preferred channel.

Local caller ID

Dramatically increase call pick-up rates with local caller ID when making outbound calls to your prospects, enabling agents to engage in more interactions.

Text messaging

Use text messaging to expand outreach and drive engagement. Automate and customize your bulk SMS campaigns for a more personalized experience.

Security & data protection

We’re committed to meeting security and compliance standards so you can rest assured that your and your clients’ data is encrypted and securely protected.

Reports & dashboards

Get access to comprehensive insights and track critical metrics and KPIs to be always aware of what’s happening and how your agents are performing.

Leverage contact center software for real estate to your advantage

Give your real estate agents all the tools they need to effectively manage inbound and outbound communications with prospects and clients and automate manual tasks allowing them to focus on what matters most – selling and closing more deals. Book a demo now to see VoiceSpin’s omnichannel contact center solutions in action and how they cater to your business needs.

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