Call center App

Call Center App

Today’s call center software solutions aren’t merely traditional software systems installed on desktop computers/ laptops or accessed through a web browser. Many popular call center software providers are offering mobile call center apps to their customers, available both on iOS and Android devices. With a call center app installed on a mobile phone, your call center reps can stay connected with your customers and prospects on the go, wherever they are, allowing greater flexibility and mobility. 

What is a Call Center Application?

A call center app is a software application that enables call center agents to handle communications with customers, clients, prospects, or team members directly from their mobile devices. Capabilities of a call center app may include receiving inbound calls, making outbound calls, sending and receiving text messages, forwarding calls, accessing customer information, tracking call center metrics and KPIs, and more. 

The exact functionality and capabilities of a mobile call center app may differ across providers. While some offer basic calling features – more advanced call center apps may function as a fully-featured call center platform right on your mobile device. 

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Mobile Call Center Application Features

Mobile call center application.
Below are some of the key features mobile call center applications may come with:

Inbound and outbound calling

As a basic functionality, a mobile call center app allows you to receive inbound calls and make outbound calls to your customers or prospects. When making outbound calls, the app will display your business number as the caller ID instead of your personal number, keeping your personal data safe and secure.

Call management

When handling customer calls from a call center application, you would typically have the ability to mute, put on hold, or transfer calls to other available team members. It helps ensure that callers are always connected to the most appropriate agents who are able to handle their requests quickly and efficiently during the first interaction, improving your First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and customer satisfaction.

Agent statuses

Through a mobile call center app, agents can usually set and update their availability statuses in real time, making it clear to managers and other team members whether they are currently available to make or receive customer calls or not. Managers and supervisors can view agent statuses in real time and manage workload more effectively. 

Missed call notifications

With missed call notifications, agents and supervisors receive instant alerts for missed calls, ensuring they are always aware of every attempt made by callers to reach out to your call center. These notifications can include important details, such as the caller’s number, the time of the call, and any available caller information, making it easy for your reps to follow up.

Call dispositions and notes

With call dispositions, agents can easily select and assign the outcome of every inbound or outbound call they handle. Additionally, the ability to leave call notes enables call center reps to document important information related to each interaction, which provides a more detailed context for follow-ups and future interactions. 

Outbound auto dialing

Some mobile call center apps will also allow you to run outbound calling campaigns through an auto dialer. That eliminates the need for your reps to browse and dial each number manually, saving them a great deal of time and effort. For example, with the VoiceSpin mobile app, you can browse your calling lists and run outbound calling campaigns via VoiceSpin’s AI auto dialer right from your mobile device, just as you would from your desktop PC or laptop. 

Sending and receiving SMS

Another helpful feature of a mobile app for call centers is the ability to send SMS text messages to customers or prospects using your business number and reply to them from the same number. SMS texting enables you to follow up with customers, send out special offers and promos to generate new sales opportunities, or deliver critical notifications.

Reporting and analytics

With reporting and analytics features of call center apps, you can easily track various call center metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) right from your mobile device. These may include metrics like call volumes, wait times, call transfers, FCR rates, and a lot more, empowering managers to assess team performance and the efficiency of their call center operations. 

CRM integration

Integrating your call center app with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system ensures that your call center agents always have real-time access to customer information, including past interactions, transaction history, or notes left by agents who previously interacted with customers. That helps agents deliver a more efficient and personalized service experience.

Benefits of Using a Mobile App for Call Center

  • Increased flexibility: With a mobile call center app, agents can access your business phone system from their mobile devices and handle customer calls on the go from anywhere they can answer their cell phone. That gives your team members a new level of flexibility in managing customer communications.
  • Remote call center management: Increased flexibility also means that your call center reps can work remotely from any location without being tied to their office desks. That also allows for more flexible scheduling, leading to a better work-life balance for agents and increased job satisfaction.
  • Extended support hours: Having a mobile call center app means that you will never miss important customer calls and can support your customers wherever you are. It enables you to extend your customer support hours beyond 9–5 and provide a more responsive service, helping you deliver a better service experience and increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Reduce operational expenses: Another benefit of using mobile call center applications is that it allows you to cut down on your call center’s operational expenses. With a mobile call center app, you can reduce the need for physical infrastructure and associated costs, such as office space and call center equipment, since your agents can handle customer calls with just a smartphone and stable internet connection.

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