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Optimize Your Call Center Workflow
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    Make Your Call Center Workflow Sustainable in This Turbulent Time

    Experts in the field confirm that a good customer relationship is a determining factor for the growth and maintainability of a company’s performance. To preserve and optimize this precious relationship, companies are increasingly turning to call centers. Let us take a closer look at what a call center actually represents. What are its objectives? What advantages can companies draw from it?

    In what follows, we will focus on this structure, which is revolutionizing the functioning of societies.

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    Call Center: Foundation and Contributions

    Architecturally, the call center is presented as a service that operates on a set of computers and a telephone communication system. Since its first appearance, the main objective of the call center has been to maintain, optimize, and improve the way in which the company manages its customer relationship. Thus, telemarketing operators are called upon to make outgoing calls and/or answer incoming calls. Generally, outgoing calls are intended for prospecting and new customers, for the realization of satisfaction campaigns, surveys, or loyalty. Incoming calls, for their part, are intended in particular to inform, record orders, make appointments or provide after-sales service.

    The Call Center: One of the Development Levers for Companies

    Firms generally use call centers to manage the reception of the flow of telephone calls. Indeed, more and more companies are contacting national customers, but also customers from all over the world.

    The major advantage of call centers is that they deploy specific software to manage multiple calls simultaneously. Thanks to this innovative technology, companies no longer need to recruit an armada of new employees to manage incoming calls. Thus, they considerably reduce their operating costs. This software, moreover, significantly and effectively reduces customer waiting times. Indeed, customers benefit from rapid access to the service concerned. An asset that greatly optimizes the customer relationship.

    Call centers are also equipped with technology that offers the possibility of evaluating each call made and received. Indeed, with a more classic call structure, it is impossible to exercise monitoring and/or verify whether a call has achieved its objective. 

    In summary, this is a factor of stability for any business, for several reasons, which we will outline immediately.

    In other words, the adoption of telephony service in a CRM system ensures that all queries are handled in a well-tailored and cost-effective manner. 

    On the data processing side, the call history will be a goldmine for identifying past interactions with a specific customer. This data improves the experience of each stakeholder, obviously during management, decision-making, and especially if the old data of a customer plays a major role in the processing of his request.

    You… business owner, if you integrate the telephony service into your company’s CRM system, then you have taken the plunge, and you have courageously made the choice of agility in handling outgoing or incoming calls, reducing human intervention, which can sometimes lead to error. The ergonomic interfaces allow your operators to point directly at a customer’s data, by displaying its characteristics in your CRM. This approach, described as elegant and simple, guarantees you the good quality of the call and the exchange. Everything is properly stored in the customer file. The information collected is easily recorded without interrupting the normal course of reception, processing, and archiving.

    Adopt our Voicespin integration for a wide range of CRM. In this way, you will be able to make your call center workflow sustainable during these turbulent times. Monitoring and evaluating agent performance become fluid and obvious. This will ensure that phone calls are well saved, making it easier for team leaders. More so, the adoption of a call center in your Salesforce or any other CRM brings transparency and profitability to life.

    Voicespin is your security partner providing you with the right integration to take full advantage of your business call center!

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    Looking for a contact center solution?

    Powerful AI dialer, bulk SMS, and more tools for running an omnichannel contact center.

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