The New Era of Business: Scale Remote and Office Teams Easily

Scale Remote Team Easily

VoiceSpin is dedicated to the prosperity of your business. VoiceSpin deploys a multi-channel support team with around-the-clock availability.  Whatever your communication channel, our teams are at your disposal to provide you with the appropriate response that best meets your expectations.

The virtues of VoiceSpin can be summed up in two words: security and safety. We offer dynamic solutions via integrations, implemented with the invaluable assistance of our VoiceSpin experts. Our list of integration products includes Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and integration with other CRMs.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

VoiceSpin strongly embodies the principle of cloud solutions that operate simultaneously and in harmony. For this reason, VoiceSpin has focused on integrating with one of the most popular and growing collaboration systems, Microsoft Teams.

Teams is a powerful utility that brings together a multitude of features to coach and facilitates the collaboration of teammates in a company, regardless of distance.

In fact, to take better leverage these qualities we have integrated the Voicespin applications into the product. Utilizing our solutions, colleagues can make calls with one click. Of course, in addition to these common but super-useful features, there are the top features such as the AI Auto Dialer, Speech Analyzer, and many others that are available to you.

Integration with Salesforce

Known as a benchmark in its area of expertise, Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It provides all departments of a company (such as marketing, sales management, customer service, or even e-commerce) with a clear and unified view of customers on a single integrated platform.

The reputation of Salesforce software makes it the most robust and profitable CRM meeting the needs and expectations of companies of any size, complexity, and scope. It is a suitable solution, no matter the granularity of the tasks involved. In this regard, VoiceSpin ensures that you do not lose any fraction of the business process. Best of all, now it is possible to make calls immediately from your system’s interfaces, safely without any risk of intrusion or leaks.  We are sure to impress you and be a game-changer with useful features like Auto Dialer and Speech Analyzer.

Integration with Other Systems

Although we have cited Salesforce as a benchmark in the field of CRM, we remain responsive to our customers and open to other alternatives. The example of Salesforce is not restrictive, but indicative. Our customers will have the free choice to choose the CRM that suits them. In some cases, the choice of a CRM is governed by several technical, material, or even strategic constraints.  VoiceSpin aligns with your goals, integrating our features allowing you to better manage your business and especially your customers.

The spectrum of CRMs supported by our integrations is broad. This attests to an unparalleled mastery of our part and our desire to satisfy our customers. At this level, we quote, in a non-exhaustive list, the supported systems: Zoho, Profit CRM, Leverate, and Zoiper.

As you can see, the diversity of a company’s field of activity has never been a handicap for VoiceSpin and our integration solutions with CRMs are known worldwide.  With these strengths, workforce governance within your business has never been so easy and fluid. With all these levers of success, you can evolve serenely and with confidence by controlling your company’s environment: employees, stakeholders, and customers.VoiceSpin provides cutting-edge and reliable communication solutions.  Our solutions build the success of any business by maximizing sales conversions. Also, VoiceSpin’s solutions improve end-user satisfaction, strengthen customer loyalty, and reform internal operational efficiency to increase your performance.

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