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    Minimize QA Time, Maximise Agent Productivity

    Compliance with communications regulations can make or break a business. Companies in industries such as airlines, hotels, and finance, which manage large volumes of personal data are the most vulnerable to breaches and fines. For instance, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations resulted in a fine of $47 million for Jiffy Lube. Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), British Airways and Marriott were fined £20 million and £18.4 million, respectively. Companies are expected to meet regulatory and compliance demands while still offering customers a top-notch experience or risk losing them.  

    Now that we all sit in the hot seat, how can we provide the best experience possible from the mouth of the company representative (e.g. SDR, customer service, etc.) to the ears of the customer? The answer lies in having (and using to their full potential) the right technological tools for quality assurance. 

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    Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Call Center Software (a.k.a. Speech Analysis) Tools?

    It is impossible for call center and service managers to review every call transcript, especially for a global business operating in different countries and languages. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a system that includes a dashboard, alerts, and that makes it easy to drill down to the important conversations and see what is being said and not said during customer calls? 

    You might be satisfied with your call center software – perhaps your agents are efficient and meeting their monthly numbers. But, are you sure that they are not missing out on more potential profit? Are customers getting the best experience possible? Are any regulations being regularly overlooked? You want to be able to quickly and easily monitor communications, and that’s where a speech analyzer comes in. 

    speech analyzer
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    Speech Analyzer Improves CX

    VoiceSpin’s Speech Analyzer listens, transcribes, scans (for keywords), and delivers reports using machine learning all aimed at improving the overall customer experience by ensuring that agents are responsive, informative, polite, and compliant with regulations. Custom reporting and alerts enable managers to streamline processes and reduce time spent on quality assurance by up to 95%, significantly increasing the time agents can spend on outbound calls and sales activities. With a word error rate (WER) of 92%, Speech Analyzer is a tool you can rely upon.

    Reduce the Costs of Quality Assurance

    As it is, companies must invest significant time and resources in quality assurance and compliance. In a benchmark study of multinational organizations, Ponemon Institute, LLC, reported that companies spend anywhere from $2.2 million to $39.22 million on non-compliance costs. Using the right call center compliance software is a safeguard against costly non-compliance errors that otherwise could go unnoticed until they eventually cause financial and reputational damages. Speech Analyzer locates terms with realtime warnings for if/when keywords are said or omitted.

    Call center managers can choose whether to transcribe specific or random calls, whether to include or exclude the client in each call recording, and the frequency of reports on problematic calls. The resulting analysis aids in identifying your team’s weak spots and can report on which call center agents are not performing in accordance with regulatory requirements. Relevant team members can be made aware and trained to make improvements, protecting the business from costly errors. The software uses AI and machine learning to keep getting smarter and more efficient at flagging potential issues, and with it, your team keeps learning and improving, too.

    Automate and Smooth Processes

    The speech analyzer bridges essential CX functions through multiple integrations, including with CRMs. For example, seamless integration with your existing CRM allows transcription files to be copied directly to a customer’s profile. Then, the service team members can access customer information in a fast, automated way.

    Key Features of Speech Analyzer for Call Center Quality Assurance

    • Keyword Spotter makes it easy to identify keywords to maintain alignment with your company’s messaging and adhere to standards and regulations. Highlight key phrases and keywords so that agents do not leave calls with a sense of regret.
    • Flexible Rules guide you and your team toward greater efficiencies. When you create a rule to set up analytics recording, you can quickly and easily analyze the team’s activities.
    • CDR Search provides you with your very own in-house customizable company search engine tool which can search for any keyword and show calls with the tagged terms. The keyword tagged call log is downloadable for playback; you can find out who said what by hovering over the popup transcription. Companies can reduce tagged calls from 40-50% to ~5%, raising the bar for customers.
    • Post Call Analytics – generate automated reports with post call analytics to get notified about call errors; discover which agents are including keywords in their conversations when they shouldn’t be, or omitting keywords when they should (e.g. for KYC).
    • Translation Ability allows call center managers to effectively manage service desks in other languages. The system can transcribe and translate hundreds of calls simultaneously in 120 languages and can even identify different dialects of the same language
    • Reporting Dashboard and Alerts – for ease of use, managers can choose to receive updates at the frequency of their choice, whether daily, weekly or per incident. They can also go into the system and look at the data at any time. 

    Ready to Improve your Customer Experiences? 

    Support your organization, protect against costly compliance errors, reduce costs of quality assurance, and streamline your call center and business processes with a speech analyzer.

    It doesn’t take long to start improving your call center metrics. In fact, VoiceSpin’s Speech Analyzer requires virtually no training, set up, or implementation. Train and deploy Speech Analyzer is fewer than 30 minutes – that’s less than the average lunch break! 

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    Looking for a contact center solution?

    Powerful AI dialer, bulk SMS, and more tools for running an omnichannel contact center.

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