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Mary Shulzhenko

Head of Content
With a master’s degree in English and over fifteen years of experience in IT and SaaS companies, Mary has a proven track record of creating original and engaging content on customer service technologies, customer experience, employee engagement, sales, and a variety of other business topics. As part of VoiceSpin’s team, she is now passionate about writing on contact center technologies and strategies that drive results.
Posts by Mary
What is Direct Inward Dialing (DID)?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Direct Inward Dialing is a valuable telecommunications feature of a business phone system. Thanks to Direct Inward Dialing, businesses can empower their customers with a...
February 1, 2024
Guide for Financial Services Call Center.

Financial Services Call Center Software: Complete Guide

Call centers are a critical component in providing customer support, building customer relationships, and generating (and converting) new leads in many industries – and the...
February 1, 2024
How to Choose a VoIP Provider for Business

How to Choose a VoIP Provider in 2024 [Best VoIP Providers Listed]

Over the recent years, we have seen many businesses and organizations, both big and small, letting go of their outdated business phone systems and switching...
January 26, 2024
How to Manage Your Remote Call Center Agents

How to Manage Your Remote Call Center Agents Effectively

Remote work has emerged as a widespread practice in the modern workplace across many industries, with more and more people choosing to work remotely if given...
January 25, 2024
How to improve inbound call center metrics and KPIs

Inbound Call Center Metrics and KPIs You Should Track and How to Improve Them

Efficient inbound call center management relies on data-driven decision-making. That’s why measuring critical inbound call center metrics and KPIs – regularly and consistently – is...
January 24, 2024
Call center management strategies

Call Center Management Best Practices and Strategies

If you are in the call center industry, whatever your role is, you are perfectly aware that managing a call center is by no means...
January 12, 2024
What is call avoidance in call centers

Call Avoidance in Call Centers

Given the typically stressful nature of call center jobs and having to consistently deal with an overwhelming number of customer calls and frustrated clients can...
January 3, 2024
Best times to cold call prospects

The Best Times to Cold Call Prospects in 2024 [+ Cold Calling Tips]

Despite all the emerging trends in sales and the way businesses reach out to potential target audiences, cold calling (when done right) remains an effective...
January 2, 2024
call center automaiton trends cover

Call Center Automation Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Driven by the growing need for streamlined processes, improved customer experiences, and reduced operating costs, call centers and contact centers have gone through a significant...
January 2, 2024

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