Increase Your Fintech Call Center’s ASR (4 Top Tips)

As of August, 2022 there are 322 fintech unicorns – could yours be next? In a marketplace with growing demand for fintech services, competition is fierce. The companies with the most aggressive sales tactics are the consistent winners, so what can you do to create your winning team? 

The real trick is to make sure your agents are equipped with the right software tools that will make their job easier and more efficient. With this support, the sales agents can be singularly focused on making more sales, reaching their targets and ensuring that your company is profitable. 

Here are the 4 most important features to look out for when choosing your call center software:

Advanced AI Dialer

CRM Integration

Bulk Lead Qualification

High Quality Routing

  1. Advanced AI Dialer

The more calls your agents make, the more deals they will close. That is simple math. Unfortunately, so much time ends up wasted when agents are dialing disconnected numbers or are waiting as calls go unanswered. 

With a goal of a minimum of 80% reachability, agents need a way to maximize their answer rate (ASR) so that they can spend more time speaking to potential customers than listening to endless ringing. 

An AI dialer uses the power of machine learning to predict which numbers should be dialed and when to optimize the chances of getting through to an actual person. The numbers are dialed automatically so all the agent has to do is start selling, and when one call is finished the next is ready and waiting.

  1.  CRM Integration

Another time-intensive activity that takes agents away from speaking to potential leads is updating the CRM. Most fintechs invest in specialized CRMs that are designed to capture the most relevant information, and it is important to track every call and make sure that the CRM is always updated. The major challenge here is the time-intensive nature of this manual process. If agents take the time to accurately update the CRM after each call, they will run out of time to reach their targets for the day. If they do not update the CRM, crucial information gets lost. , 

If, however, your CRM can integrate seamlessly with the rest of your call center tools, then calls can be made directly from the CRM. The agents can take notes and add details while on the call without switching screens or opening up a whole new platform. 

An added benefit is knowing that all data is documented and stored in one place, creating one connected flow from lead capture all the way through closing the sale. This information is also easy to access in the case of a regulatory audit or to prove compliance. 

  1. Lead Qualification in Bulk

While each salesperson can only talk to one lead at a time, you can have a system running in the background contacting hundreds of potential leads at once. 

An AI dialer can be used to create and send pre-recorded voice broadcast messages to prospective customers who will be prompted to “press 1 to speak to an agent.” Similarly, a bulk SMS dialer can send messages to lists of numbers with a unique caller ID name to maximize the open and read rate (a good minimum read rate to aim for is 3%). 

Interested parties will be immediately routed to the top of the queue to speak with an agent, ensuring that the warmest leads are getting the necessary attention. 

  1. High Quality Routing at Low Prices

When running a call center, you have to consider how the calls are routed and choose whether you want to use a VoIP line or a traditional local carrier. While a VoIP line can cost up to 50% less, you will want to ensure that call quality is not compromised. This is especially important as a clear connection will help build trust and a sense of reliability on sales calls, as opposed to a choppy connection which can lead to frustration and miscommunications.  

People are much less likely to answer a call from an “unknown” or unfamiliar number, so although the lower cost may be tempting, remember that 1 minute on a CLI route is worth 3 minutes on a gray route. You want to use a call center software that can offer you local numbers for caller ID as well as spam protection. The ability to use these caller ID best practices can increase your ASR by 300% with CLI. 

Sales Focused Industry Needs a Sales Focused Call Center

Of course price is important, but you need to be sure that your call center software is providing more than just the highest number of minutes at the lowest possible rate. In a sales-focused industry like fintech, you need to not only maximize your number of minutes but also the quality of those minutes, as potential leads will hang up quickly if the connection is not crisp and clear.

A call center solution that offers the 4 features described above will ensure that your agents can be as sales-focused as they need to be, maximizing the time they spend having productive conversations with potential customers. 

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