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    Why Switching to AI Dialer Right Now is a Good Idea

    The present is a challenging time for all businesses, with daily routines altered and teams often scattered from the usual location. There is no doubt that the covid-19 pandemic has cast focus on the importance of telephony in business, and many eyes have been opened as to the various techniques that can be implemented to make life easier for sales teams, both inbound and outbound.

    One solution is AI Dialer, and it is much more than a simple time-saving device. An automated dialing solution that helps bring in more leads, it is rapidly being taken up by companies of all types to enhance productivity and help grow the business. What can AI Dialer do for you, and why should you be implementing it right now? Let’s have a closer look.

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    What is AI Dialer?

    AI Dialer is an automated calling solution that aims to boost leads and help sales teams get the best-targeted leads. The basis of the system is a dialing system that automatically dials out to prescribed numbers – many at once – after the end of a prior call. The system is made more effective by its lead scoring technology, which is unique to this solution.

    Dynamic Lead and Agent Scoring is an advanced technology solution that scores lead by relevance, and also scores agents by their relevance to that lead. This means that every call transferred by the automated system will be matched with the best agent for that lead. The effect of this is increased efficiency in converting leads into orders, thanks to time-saving and increased productivity.

    Imagine your agent has 100 leads to call; by using AI Dialer he or she does not have to call them all, as the system will dial them. Only when a call is answered is it transferred. The effect is that outbound calls are switched to inbound, giving the agent more awareness of who they are about to talk to. Such efficiency is welcomed at all times in business but right now, when teams may be reduced and remote, AI Dialer makes a lot of sense.

    Furthermore, the lead and agent scoring feature means that there will be far fewer dropped leads. The lead will be put through to an agent who is qualified and ready to handle that particular call, which increases lead conversion by a great amount. With three-quarters of consumers switching to a competitor following a poor service on the telephone, the increase in leads provided by AI Dialer is easy to see.

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    Prioritizing Leads

    The lead scoring solution is an intelligent part of AI Dialer that makes the package appealing to many different types and sizes of business. There may be times when agents are required to trawl through old or cold leads, a time-consuming job for anyone. AI Dialer can do it for them and will only connect when there is a response. By automating the potential resurrection of older leads AI Dialer is adding to the possibility of further conversions where they may previously have been left untouched. 

    For team managers, it’s important to know that AI Dialer integrates with the CRM meaning that manual updates to customer information and other data are unnecessary. Automating this area of the business keeps both management and team fully aware of where things stand and help allocate the right agent for the right call. Relevant calls can also take precedence, which increases the efficiency with which available time is used.

    Do You Need AI Dialer?

    There are many areas in which AI Dialer will help your business. Primarily, by handling the calling lists of your agents it cuts down on the time they need to spend dialing each one. In addition, it is intelligent in that the lead scoring system matches leads with relevant agents, giving more possibility of lead conversion. 

    This is a clever solution that helps with streamlining the outbound calls process and also reduces greatly the potential for dropped leads. It may be essential for many businesses as things are right now, but it will also be extremely useful and will improve productivity in teams of all sizes in the future. Prices for AI Dialer are individually created.

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    Looking for a contact center solution?

    Powerful AI dialer, bulk SMS, and more tools for running an omnichannel contact center.

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