Top 5 Reasons for an Omnichannel Outbound Sales Software

Call centers are adopting omnichannel communications at unpaced rates. That’s because customer expectations have been increasing and customers expect answers wherever they are. Companies are challenged to meet customer expectations in order to win or maintain their business. Consider these stats:

  • 9 out of 10 consumers want an omnichannel experience with seamless transition between communication channels.
  • 72% of consumers expect sales reps to be familiar with their purchase history or past communications regardless of what channel was used. 

An omnichannel approach supports an integrated experience across multiple communication channels. Most existing omnichannel solutions are designed for customer service or support call centers. 

But, what about implementing an omnichannel strategy for optimizing outbound sales?

True or False? An omnichannel Improves your Sales Process and Increases Conversion Rate.

True! Outbound sales stats including Answer Rate (ASR), Average Call Duration (ACD) and Conversion rate (CVR)  can all be improved with an omnichannel backbone.

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) enables any outbound sales center to optimize its communications. Sales agents’ productivity is increased by using powerful functions, such as autodialing and data-enriched touchpoints. Access to a unified platform centralizes communications and customer information and meets the customers where they want, when they want – ensuring the best possible customer journey.

AI Contact Center Solutions
for Sales and Support

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Reason #1 Increase Talk Time with AI Auto Dialer 

Outbound sales call centers must continuously invest in optimizing an agent’s time, and support him/her in maximizing efforts toward the most effective activities to close deals. The goal is for an agent to spend 99% of his/her call time talking to potential customers, after all more calls = more sales. With auto dial functions, he/she can actually have more talk time, spending less time on tedious tasks. VoiceSpin’s AI Auto Dialer allows an agent to speedily dial within seconds. Every second counts when it comes to time invested in active sales.

Reason #2 Reach Customers Where & When They Want

As we said earlier, customers have increasingly higher expectations to be able to get answers when they want and where they want, whether it’s on SMS, website, virtual meetings, chat, or social media. But, when it comes to reaching out to potential customers, sales agents are still working with multiple windows and disjointed workflows switching back and forth to a CRM. This can be a screen-hopping mess and take up a lot of time and mental energy, juggling to locate the right data and window.An omnichannel sales agent panel simplifies agent workflow. Instead of screens bouncing, the data is centralized and available in a unified platform, streamlining sales call center communications and operations. The omnichannel sales agent panel makes customer’s data and answers available the moment they’re needed.

Reason #3 Close More Deals, Faster with Priceless, Seamless Data

Experienced outbound sales people know that having the right data at the right time on a call is important to winning the sale. Sales agents can see the history of communication from all channels stored in a single location with an omnichannel CPaaS.

When the sales agent has the data the customer requests at the exact second it’s called for, he/she has much higher chances and more opportunities for closing deals faster. The customer is not sitting there waiting for an answer, he’s climbing aboard!

Reason #4 Scale Up as Needed

Hopefully your business is dynamic and your call center is growing. It is crucial to have software that can grow with sales agents as more sales technologies and tools become available and are adopted, and the sales organizations themselves develop and expand. Call centers need software that integrate to CRMs, and that can adapt and expand to take on new modes of virtual communication as needed. 

Reason #5  Increase Enterprise Productivity

The tools available as part of an omnichannel sales agent panel provide the wherewithal for a spike in productivity (and profitability). For example, Answer Rate (ASR) is the linchpin for all outbound sales, and with reports and statistics showing details about answer rates, call center managers can easily optimize the team’s activities based on the key operational data.

In addition, by monitoring and scoring agents based on their call and conversation history, the system can automatically match them to the appropriate leads, ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Besides having the key data to optimize the team, call centers need software that can be deployed on a remote agent’s desktop in minutes without ramp-up or major learning curves.And most of all, they need their omnichannel software to come at a reasonable price! With Voicespin, you get the enterprise company software at an affordable rate.

Let’s Have a Quick Sum Up 

Voicespin’s omni channel call center is built with one goal in mind: how to close the most deals from the most channels. All tools and functions are built around increasing conversions and decreasing lost time. Track the numbers, and watch your sales grow.

The omnichannel sales agent panel integrates all the communications a sales agent could ask for, allowing him/her to spend all his/her time as “talk time,” with potential or existing customers – on the phone, SMS, Whatsapp, and CRM…With many more integrations to come, such as Zoom.

The fully cloud-based solution offers lightning-quick remote software installation with no need to deal with any hardware.

Best of all, Voicespin software grows with you. Based on decades of experience listening to customers, the team continues to create the customizations you need to take your call center to the next level.

Optimize your call center today!

Want to Supercharge Your Sales Team?

All the call center features you would expect and much more. Integrations included!


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  • Top 5 Reasons for an Omnichannel Outbound Sales Software
    1. True or False? An omnichannel Improves your Sales Process and Increases Conversion Rate.
    2. Reason #1 Increase Talk Time with AI Auto Dialer 
    3. Reason #2 Reach Customers Where & When They Want
    4. Reason #3 Close More Deals, Faster with Priceless, Seamless Data
    5. Reason #4 Scale Up as Needed
    6. Reason #5  Increase Enterprise Productivity
    7. Let’s Have a Quick Sum Up 
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