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Improve your remote employees' workflow
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    Make Your Remote Employees’ Daily Work Easier

    Nowadays, telecommuting has established itself as an essential alternative available to any company looking to maintain its productivity. In regulatory texts, teleworking uses network infrastructures to carry out work even from home. Telecommuting, with the flexibility it shows, requires preparation and motivation on the part of the company as well as the employees. In these articles, we list a set of measures able to boost employees who have opted for telecommuting.

    Choose Your Tech Stack

    First, as a business leader desiring to create a good atmosphere for telecommuting, you must choose the right technologies. This highlights the important role played by broadband internet, cloud computing technologies, and communication systems. Their importance should be noted.

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    Therefore, each company presents its needs for the following systems allowing the creation of a favorable environment for working from home: professional special telephone lines, qualified video conferencing tools, and software, instant messaging service, and VPNs to regulate external access to corporate networks, etc. For example, a cloud-based VoIP solution can include most of the functionality without requiring many separate products. IT staff are essential to test the system, supporting all employees working from home and their technical needs. 

    Working from home creates a need for employees to communicate more. This empowers any business leader to put in place mechanisms that encourage staff to stay close and interact socially. For example, this atmosphere can be created through an online chat forum or video calls between groups.

    From another point of view, to instill the spirit of teleworking among employees, it is advisable to gently impose certain behavioral habits that make it possible to maintain routines marking the beginning and end of the time slots. This is strongly recommended to prevent employees from plunging into bad habits caused by the new rhythm. To push this optimization to the max, you can even hire a coach who encourages employees to wake up and sleep at regular times. Also, some yoga sessions and walks can be scheduled.

    Just like setting up the required technologies, working from home requires qualified equipment. Employees may require computers, fax machines, telephones, headsets, and more. Beyond the technological requirements, dedicated office space for each employee who works from home is important.

    In addition, you need to develop a true sense of communication with your employees so that they can work successfully from home. Team leaders are responsible for a good atmosphere in the team and provide this through elegant interventions that highlight their leadership and their developed sense of the group. Thus, weekly virtual meetings will be of great support. 

    All the aforementioned measures must be framed by a clear teleworking policy. In other words, you try to persuade your staff of the expected issues as well as the commitments that correspond to them:

    • High availability and discipline
    • Distribute and manage resources
    • Guarantee privileges for employees
    • Pay attention to the security aspect of the handled data 

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