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    Boost Your Outbound Sales with CPaaS

    Looking for a contact center solution?

    Powerful AI dialer, bulk SMS, and more tools for running an omnichannel contact center.

    What is Sales CPaaS?

    In today’s technologically advanced world, so many tools are available “as a service.” From software to knowledge to operations and even AI is now offered as an outsourced service that a company can purchase in order to leverage the experience of others. 

    Communication platform as a service (CPaaS) is not necessarily a new addition to the list, but it’s a crucial one as the success of certain companies can hinge on their ability to communicate effectively with customers. Especially when it comes to outbound sales, time and efficiency is of the essence. When the right infrastructure is in place, sales agents can focus on their core goal of speaking to potential customers without wasting time searching for numbers, dialing and more. 

    In the past, most companies used a traditional PBX system (private branch exchange) in which the phone lines going into the office are split into multiple extensions allowing for multiple conversations to take place at once. Over time, PBX systems have been upgraded and replaced with VoIP systems (voice over internet protocol) which allows for phone calls to be made over the internet instead of using traditional phone lines. A VoIP phone service is typically hosted by a third-party provider so that the company itself does not have to have any infrastructure or hardware. 

    Also known as internet telephony or cloud telephony, voice communication services offered through a third-party host is part of a larger CPaaS model that also includes web conferencing, instant messaging and more. By bringing voice communication to the cloud, companies can upgrade and improve their communication with their customers and potential customers. 

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    CPaaS Technology- CPaaS Platforms

    Today’s competitive market means that companies must be on the ball when it comes to customer communication. As an outbound sales center is the main revenue driver for many companies, it’s important to leverage technological tools to ensure that the call center is operating at peak efficiency.  Investing in the top technology available will put companies ahead of their competitors in the level of service they offer and the results they see while also keeping their own costs down. 

    Following are just some of the benefits that that a business can gain from setting up an internet telephony system for their outbound sales call center:


        • Reliable service – internet service is much more reliable than traditional phone lines, and third-party hosting means the responsibility is on the provider to ensure that the service is always up and running with no downtime. The company does not need to have their own IT team in place to deal with any problems that could arise if they were dealing with their own infrastructure. 

        • Flexible business models – most telephony service providers offer pay-as-you-go plans so that a small business can start out with a smaller, less expensive plan that suits their needs and then can scale up as the company grows.

        • More efficient agents – sales agents will be able to spend the majority of their time actually fielding calls and speaking to customers and potential customers instead of wasting time manually dialing and organizing call sheets.

        • Actionable data – managers can access a dashboard that monitors and tracks all of the relevant statistics and information. They will be able to see how long agents are spending on calls, how long customers are waiting on hold and other data that will help them make better decisions and improve business. 

      The Importance of Integration

      Many companies are hesitant to onboard a new technology for fear that it will be difficult to use and may not play nicely with other platforms that are already in use. The voice communications system that a business chooses to use must integrate easily with existing platforms. This integration is essential for both time efficiency and cost savings. 

      A cloud-based solution will not interfere with the tools that a company is already using, and, in fact, will be able to complement it in the following ways:


          • Consolidated information – all customer contact information is stored in one place.

          • One screen – agents only have to access one platform and are able to see all of the information they need on one screen, saving time that would otherwise be spent on switching back and forth between platforms as needed.

          • Seamless integration – proven APIs mean seamless integration and no need for a lengthy deployment process.

          • Choice of CRMs – integration with a choice of over 50 CRMs across industries in order to meet the unique needs of any customer. 

        Business Optimization

        Adding a cloud telephony service should enhance a business and make it more efficient, not create more work or overly complicated processes. The most important integration is with the CRM, as any company that operates a call center can attest that the customer or lead data stored in the CRM is the most important. 

        Integrating that valuable data with a reliable communications system means running a streamlined and efficient business. Calls can be made directly from the CRM and information about incoming calls can also be automatically updated without any fears of data leaks or any need for manual data entry and double work. 

        A full CPaaS system will also include critical tools like AI-based auto dialers and speech recognition that will enable call center agents to work much more efficiently and handle a higher volume of calls in a shorter amount of time. 

        CPaaS In Use – How Companies are leveraging CPaaS to Increase Sales

        There are any number of use cases in which CPaaScan significantly boost a company’s efficiency and bottom line. Following are just two examples:

        Speech Analysis for Compliance

        Financial firm Lead Capital Markets uses VoiceSpin to automatically analyze the speech used in calls to identify any potential misconduct. The company can set the parameters that the speech analysis tool uses based on its compliance needs and regulations. 

        AI Dialer

        MemoGlobal contacts thousands of people around the world on a daily basis. By using VoiceSpin’s AI dialer, 150 representatives are able to make tens of thousands of calls a day, increasing their efficiency by 40%.

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        Looking for a contact center solution?

        Powerful AI dialer, bulk SMS, and more tools for running an omnichannel contact center.

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