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Sales Enablers and API

Voicespin provides numerous Sales enablers and APIs

Boost the proactivity and productivity of your inbound, outbound and blended contact centers

Speech Transcription

Get the power of Voicespin Speech Analyzer in your system: transcribe the calls inside your system, no matter either tens or ten hundreds of minutes.

Two Way Global DID’s

Voicespin can provide you with high-quality DID’s from almost every country in the World. We cooperate with the best providers so you can be sure: you’ll get exactly what you require.

Speech Recognition

Get the full power of our Speech Analyzer: Keyword spotting, Predictive Compliance Issues, Achieving Sales Objectives, Multi-Level Reporting, and more with our API. The technical part is on us and you’ll get the tool in your friendly and familiar interface


The microservice may not look like a major but saves a lot of time and makes calling routine easier by automatically checking the availability of numbers and you are free from calls no one will pick up

Spam Detector

Be sure your pool of DID’s is always clear and Spam-free. Connect this feature and be safe all the time you make calls

Two Way SMS

Implement SMS exchange service into your system and achieve the company’s goals exactly as you planned

Chat And Messaging

Get our powerful messaging tool and shape it exactly like you desire. We provide the technical side with a fully stable and secured connection and you make communication hassle-free

SIP Trunking

Flexible end easily scalable infrastructure for your easy and smooth calling process. Destinations to most countries, fast support, and extra easy installation.

Plans & Pricing

For information regarding available plans, pricing and a customized demo

Use Cases

speech analysis case study

Client: Lead Capital Markets
Project Type: Speech analysis for compliance.
Result: Identifying and alerting about misconduct calls, according to the compliance need of the company.

AI dialer case study

Client: MemoGlobal
Project Type: SAI Dailer.
Result: 150 representative connected to the AI Dailer with ten of thousands of calls per dayand with 40% increased efficiency.

cloud contact center case study

Client: Pizza Hut
Project Type: Cloud Contact Center IP PBX.
Result: More than 60 branches around the country with voice recognition IVR.

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