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    Increase Agent Efficiency with Voicespin’s AI-Powered Auto Dialer

    A day in the life of an outbound call center manager is busy. With quotas to meet, the pressure is on to make sure that all agents speak to and convert as many leads as possible, all while providing a high level of customer experience(CX). Their big challenge is to ensure that the highest possible number of leads are closed, while also minimizing the cost. The goal is to lower the cost per lead by decreasing the amount of time spent on each lead and on time-wasting mistakes like dialing incorrect numbers or waiting as the phone rings with no answer. 

    Automation can help increase outbound call center productivity and efficiency, but adding artificial intelligence (AI) to the mix takes it to an entirely new level. The AI mechanism identifies and predicts patterns across large sets of aggregated statistical data to connect the calls on the basis of best fit. Not only are agents able to save significant time that would otherwise be spent looking up numbers, dialing and waiting for answers, with pairings made in milliseconds, our technology is imperceptible to customers and agents alike. Both parties simply have better conversations that lead to better outcomes , for both customer experience and company brand.

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    What is an Auto Dialer?

    Many call centers are already using auto dialer software. Agents have seen their call volume increase when they use an auto dialer system because it automatically pulls the lead from the CRM or other database, dials the number and connects to the agent when the call is answered. The main benefit of an auto dialer is the time that it saves. While an agent is on one call, the auto dialer system is dialing other numbers, filtering out the ones that are wrong or not answered, and queuing up the next call for the agent.

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    So, What Benefit does AI Add?

    As helpful as an auto dialer is to a call center, a traditional system is limited in the value it can add. By adding an AI feature, the auto dialer goes from simply automating a task to adding predictive and analytical elements that takes its efficiency – and that of its users – to new heights. 

    • Predictive Dialing – When an auto dialer continuously queues up the next numbers in line, there is still room for error and the possibility that an agent will not be available when the call goes through. To minimize this risk, the system is often set to leave a longer lag time in between calls. While necessary, this buffer also means that time is wasted when agents would, in fact, have been ready for the next call sooner. An AI auto dialer provides a much higher level of accuracy. The system’s ML component learns the average call completion rate and is better able to predict exactly when an agent will become free and when to dial the next number, effectively eliminating the dead time in between calls.
    • Dynamic Lead and Agent Scoring – 
      As part of the AI auto dialer system, both leads and agents are given a score that determines how strong of a prospect the lead is and how talented of a salesperson the agent is. Based on these scores, the system can automatically route the strongest leads to the agents who are most likely to make the sale.  When an agent has a list of leads to contact, the AI auto dialer can trawl the list to prioritize the warmer leads and call them first. It can also take a list of leads that have gone cold in the past and try calling them all. Only if a person answers will the call be transferred to an agent, preventing time wasted by making unanswered calls while also potentially resurrecting leads and increasing conversions. 

    Easy Integration with CRM and Other Databases

    While the CRM is the main database that call centers use to keep track of information about their customers and leads, there are also other sources of data that the AI auto dialer can connect to. For example, if a company uses a landing page to attract new leads, the AI auto dialer can also pull those leads and prioritize them, so the client who left his details online, would be contacted within less than a minute. 

    Whichever database the AI auto dialer is integrated with, it will pull in leads to a call campaign, using Voicespin’s Intelligent Campaign Creator, and based on multiple key filters. For example, there may be a campaign to call all of the leads from Australia who left contact details on the website in the last week. The AI auto dialer will find those numbers and then prioritize and call them based on the quality of the leads and the quality of the available agents, again ensuring that the strongest agents get the most important leads to increase the likelihood of conversion. 

    AI Auto Dialer Never Rests

    The agents and managers may go home at the end of the day, but the AI auto dialer keeps on working. At the end of each shift, the system automatically prepares for the next day by launching It’s Reachability feature which scans and removes  all of the “bad” numbers(Invalid/not connected/out of coverage…). Fresh leads are produced and prepared so that the next day’s shift will be able to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive.

    AI Auto Dialer in Action

    MemoGlobal contacts thousands of people around the world on a daily basis to offer potential immigrants assistance in navigating bureaucracy and obtaining visas. Once they started using VoiceSpin’s AI auto dialer, they saw a 40% increase in efficiency with 150 representatives able to make tens of thousands of calls each day. 

    It’s All About the Bottom Line

    Any new tool that call center managers add to their telephony service should be easy and intuitive to use and be proven to add value. To fit the bill, playing nicely with any existing tools like CRM and agent panels is a must. Customizability is also important to ensure that any unique needs are taken into account especially when it comes to routing leads to the right agents. 

    VoiceSpin’s AI auto dialer will skyrocket your agents’ efficiency and your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about what AI auto dialer can do for you.

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    Looking for a contact center solution?

    Powerful AI dialer, bulk SMS, and more tools for running an omnichannel contact center.

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