Minimize QA Time, Maximise Agent Productivity

  Compliance with communications regulations can make or break a business. Companies in industries such as airlines, hotels, and finance, which manage large volumes of personal data are the most vulnerable to breaches and fines. For instance, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations resulted in a fine of $47 million for Jiffy Lube. Under the […]

Increase Agent Efficiency with Voicespin’s AI-Powered Auto Dialer

  A day in the life of an outbound call center manager is busy. With quotas to meet, the pressure is on to make sure that all agents speak to and convert as many leads as possible, all while providing a high level of customer experience(CX). Their big challenge is to ensure that the highest […]

Boost Your Outbound Sales with CPaaS

What is Sales CPaaS In today’s technologically advanced world, so many tools are available “as a service.” From software to knowledge to operations and even AI is now offered as an outsourced service that a company can purchase in order to leverage the experience of others.  Communication platform as a service (CPaaS) is not necessarily a […]