Improving Agent Efficiency, One Call at a Time

How VoiceSpin helped All New Investments Ltd. increase
ROI by improving agent workflow

SmartTool Trading SC

SmartTool Trading SC provides a range of trading tools essential to
brokerage operations. In business for 5 years, SmartTool Trading
has 230 employees. The sales department employs approximately
150 agents per shift, tasked with making outbound calls to sell the
company’s cutting edge Fintech products.

Sales increased by 125% per agent

Agents are 65% more time-effective

250% increase in number of leads contacted in a shift

The Problem: No Answer!

As a relatively young company, SmartTool Trading is still building up its client base, primarily through outbound or
“cold” calls to lists of purchased leads. The well-trained sales agents were confident in the product and their ability
to sell it, all they were missing was the ability to get the prospects on the phone.
No matter how many numbers from the list the sales agents were dialing, they were spending huge amounts of
time listening to it ringing on the other end with no answer. With such low answer rates, there was no way that the
sales agents could be effective at selling the company’s products.

Simply put, the company needed a solution that would result in more calls being answered.

When SmartTools Trading Met VoiceSpin

The SmartTools team was drawn to VoiceSpin because of our
understanding of how important it is for sales agents to spend their
time actually speaking to prospects, rather than just dialing numbers
and waiting in vain for an answer. We immediately saw that the
problem did not lie with the sales agents themselves or even with the
underlying infrastructure that the company had in place. We knew
exactly which element from our suite of available tools would have
the most impact on SmartTools Trading’s key challenges.

The Solution: Go Local

All SmartTools Trading sales agents needed was for their calls to be answered. The secret was in VoiceSpin’s
Intelligent local presence and spam detection tools.
Prospects were likely not answering the calls because the outgoing numbers were either identified as spam or
appeared to be an unknown non-local number. With VoiceSpin, the outgoing phone numbers were automatically
replaced when spammed, in order to evade spam detection. And, local numbers were Intelligently assigned
based on the calling area - people are more likely to answer a call from a local number, even if they do not
recognize who is calling.
With these tools in their arsenal, SmartTool Trading sales agents became unstoppable.

The Result

Together with VoiceSpin, the answer rate in our call center increased and following that, our sales increased by 125% for every sales agent. By adding automatic local presence with VoiceSpin when calling worldwide the spam rate went down and we were able to reach more potential clients.

The VoiceSpin solution gave the sales agents the chance they needed. Once they got the prospects on the phone,
the rest was easy:

Sales increased by
per agent

Agents are
more time-effective

increase in number of leads contacted in a shift