Where Telephony Services Align with Customer Experience

In today’s highly competitive business environment, your customer’s experience often makes the difference between you making a sale or your competitor making a sale. Providing your customer’s VIP experience they desire requires your telephone service provides you with the service you need. This prevents downtime when your customers can’t call and choppy voice calls that cause customers to change providers.

Why You Need to Provide Your Customer’s a Great Experience

Nowadays, almost every industry has become global driving up the competition. This requires you to provide your customers with a competitive advantage your competitors cannot compete with. One of the simplest ways to compete with overseas sellers involves providing your customers with a great experience every time they communicate with your business.

Providing a great customer experience gives your customers a reason to purchase from you instead of your competitors. Even if your prices are higher, most people prioritize customer experience over everything else. In fact, according to a study conducted by Oracle 86% of buyers will pay more for the same product if they provide a better customer experience. The way customers prioritize experience over everything else only seems to be growing too. This goes to show if you invest in your customer experience not only will you grow your customer satisfaction, you’ll actually attract more buyers.

How Does Your Telephony Service Tie Into Providing a Better Customer Experience?

Whenever your customers contact your business they expect an almost immediate response. This requires your telephony system provides you with fast, reliable connections so you never miss a request. The last thing you want to do is drop a call that could lead to a new sale only for them to call your competitor as soon as they lose connection. A reliable telephony service can become an integral part of the value you provide to your customers.

Another aspect of your customer experience that your telephony service can provide you is your call routing capabilities. Everyone’s experienced an endless call routing menu leading to frustrated customers before they even talk to the appropriate party. Or worse, your call routing could end up in a dropped call from your customer pressing the wrong button. By integrating a smart, efficient call routing system you can allow your customers immediate access to the departments they need to talk to. This gives your customers peace of mind that whenever something goes wrong they can get immediate help without wasting time finding the right person to talk to.

Using SIP Trunking as Part of Your Customer Experience

SIP trunking allows you to receive calls from the internet. This gives your customers additional flexibility in the way they communicate with your business. By giving your customers the power to choose how they contact your company, your customer service team will be greeted with happy customers instead of frustrating ones.

With the ability to receive calls from the internet, you can set up a full directory on your website so your customers can directly contact the departments they need. This gives them immediate access to whoever they need to talk to. If they need tech support, they can go directly to the tech support line. Or, they can contact the sales representative assigned to them directly from your site instead of finding the right department than from that department finding the specific person. The more control you can give your customers over how they communicate with your business, the better. This could become the competitive edge you’ve been looking for to provide your customers with a seamless experience throughout all contact points.