Where sales and marketing meet to improve call centers

The use of call centers is primarily to offer support to clients and customers. The support teams, most times, can work as their unique units and do not necessarily have to work hand-in-hand with sales and marketing.

However, the most successful call centers have somethings in common. One of these is that they do not entirely isolate the support agents; they integrate their sales and marketing and then develop and implement strategies that make one compliment the other, and in turn, improve the call center operations.

This works because, on the one hand, after many calls with customers, the support agents usually have tons of marketing expertise and can even help the sales and marketing team. On the other hand, the sales and marketing team also have similar experience as well as strategies, tools, and resources for lead generation and client retention.

The million-dollar question now is how to marry support to the sales and marketing department for the overall good of the call center. This article will explain where sales and marketing meet to improve call centers.

Creation of buyer personas

A buyer persona is simply a representation of the service provider’s ideal customer; it helps companies to define their audience. Businesses like to put themselves in the shoes of their customers to be able to understand them better and market to them in the best way possible. The buyer persona should be customer-centric; it helps the call center management to tailor their campaigns towards the interests of their audience and customers. For example, a specific buyer persona increasing the call volume could indicate a problem that management may want to look into.

The sales and marketing guys need the buyer personas for developing their strategies, and who better to help out in identifying your ideal client than someone who speaks to them, listens to their complaints, and solve their problems on a daily basis?

Many call center marketers gather information from clients and keep this information within sales and marketing. The marketers work with the customers directly and produce amazing results most of the time. However, a problem call centers make is overlooking the great work done by their sales and marketing team. To solve this issue and maximize the effort the marketers and salespeople put in, management can encourage or enforce policies that make the marketers bring the support agents in on their work to create buyers’ personas. The buyer personas should be accessible to everyone involved in the running of the call center. 

Discovering and utilizing brand supporters

While it is true that many inbound calls are complaints, some clients also call and have say good things about the company. That depends on the customer’s experience, however. A great user experience speaks volumes about the product or service. These clients could also utilize the service or product in ways that can make a fantastic case study. With a great working alliance between the sales, marketing, and support agents, the agents who receive calls from such callers can pass the customers’ details to the marketing team.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 84% of customers trust feedback from previous clients; that is way more than other means of social proofing. Other promotional materials like presentations and emails, in addition to the case studies, can form a potent partnership that further convinces potential clients. To make this strategy to work, marketers can synergize with the support agents to detail the exact persona of customers they have an interest in following up.

Social media also

Similar to the point above, a synergy between the sales, marketing, and support can boost the efficiency of the service provider’s social media channels. Let me explain how.

Whether or not the business churns out content for their social media, the fact is that social platforms are easily accessible platforms with which customers can contact the company. Marketers mainly manage these accounts. So, you can say that the marketers essentially do the same job as the support agents on these channels.

When customers reach out to the marketers on the social accounts of service providers, the marketers might not be as versed as support agents on customer relations and may not be able to provide solutions to the queries. In these situations, the managers of social media accounts can escalate to the support staff to help the clients through their challenges. For this to happen smoothly, what call centers do is to privately ask the customer for their details, so that they can forward the information to the agents for a follow-up.

Sales/Marketing and the agents improve each other

Every user of services or products will agree that customer service is a factor that determines whether customers choose to continue with the provider. That is why businesses ensure that they emphasize their fantastic support team on all the company’s materials and media, such as a website or even pamphlets.

To take advantage of this fact, the sales department can work together with the customer support to gain insight into the nature of calls they receive and feedback they get from the callers. Since the website or marketing media copywriting is the job of the marketing team, this information they get from the agents could be vital to know how to highlight how the customer support works, as well as their efficiency. The marketing team can also write copies that walk the client through the process of working with the service provider.

In conclusion…

Sales and marketing working hand-in-hand with the call center support agents will drastically improve call centers if management considers the solutions and strategies here as a start. From there, after some time working together, thanks to the partnership, the staff will discover other ways by which they can take their collaboration to project the service provider as the trustworthy and efficient partner that they are.