What Are the Top Used Products of 2019?

If you have been thinking about using VoIP products for your business, what better time would there be to start using new products than at the beginning of the new year?  We have listed the top used products of 2019 to help you figure out which options are right for your business. 

Speech Analyzer Software

A speech analyzer software allows you to evaluate how well agents are doing in their phone conversations with customers and leads.  The software records and stores data that can be mined for further analysis.

Reviewing this data will enable you to:

  • Gain insight into how customers and leads feel about your company;
  • Come up with new product and service ideas based on what customers have shown an interest in;
  • Learn more about the needs and desires your typical customers have in order to tailor your company’s marketing and sales messages so that they address those needs;
  • Better train agents to quickly resolve the most common issues;
  • Increase customer satisfaction, thereby increasing customer retention.

The end result of all that is more sales, making it easy to understand why speech analyzer software is one of the top used products of 2019. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

IVR allows call centers to offer automated customer support.  This technology has the ability to determine the purpose of the call and will then either resolve the issue itself or direct the caller to the appropriate agent. This system is beneficial for your customers and your team. 

Benefits for Customers

With IVR technology, customers can get their issues resolved automatically.  This automated process eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold until a human is available to take the call. 

Customers love this because it takes less time for the system to automatically serve them than it typically does to reach a human agent.

But even when customers do need to speak with a human, it’s easy to get to the right person. Based on the information obtained from the caller, IVR technology routes the call to the agent who can best handle the particular situation.

Plus, the caller probably won’t have to wait as long to speak with someone since many issues that would normally take up an agent’s time are being dealt with automatically.

Benefits for Your Team

When the most common issues are automatically fixed, agents have more time to spend on other, more complex customer requests and complaints.  This maximizes productivity and contributes to an agent’s satisfaction with work.

Because it makes the entire calling process more efficient for everyone involved, it’s no wonder that IVR has made the list of the top used products of 2019.

AI Dialer

Thanks to machine learning and algorithms, call center agents don’t have to dial numbers anymore.  Instead, they can rely on an AI dialer system.

This tool dials multiple numbers at once. How many depends on:

  • The average percentage of recipients who actually answer the call;
  • The number of agents that are available to speak on the phone;
  • How long a typical call takes. 

An AI dialer evaluates the responses to the calls in order to accurately score and direct leads to available agents. 

This frees agents from:

  • Dialing numbers;
  • Waiting for their calls to be answered or ignored;
  • And leaving voicemails.

An AI dialer system also keeps the agents accountable.  They don’t have a choice regarding which calls to pick up.  Instead, they must simply take whatever comes their way.

Although using an AI dialer may not offer the personal touch that a power dialer does (another tool that will be described below), this tool is incredibly valuable because it allows large organizations to make a high number of calls. 

And the more calls that are made, the more that gets accomplished.  This is why an AI dialer is one of the top used products of 2019.

Power Dialer

This type of dial system waits until a call is over before dialing another number.  It is different from an AI dialer in that agents must still wait while the phone rings and leave a voicemail if no one picks up. 

Each power dialer software provides a unique set of features.  Some of these features may include:

  • Choosing certain numbers to skip;
  • Setting up reminders to try calling again when there is no response;
  • Pausing the system while agents take important notes from previous calls;
  • Gathering numbers from the internet;
  • CRM integration for storing information about leads. 

Although not as efficient as an AI Dialer, this system is more personal because it allows agents to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the leads and customers they communicate with.

So, which of the top used products of 2019 are you most interested in?  Which one do you think offers the most benefits for your company? If you choose to include one of these products in your operations, it may help your company become even more successful in the new year.