VP Sales Checklist for Choosing a Telephony System

Choosing a telephony system that fits your business’ needs and provides reliable services is overlooked too often. This can lead to frustrations within your sales team, downtime in your systems, and a lack of key functionality to help your team achieve peak performance. However, when your telephony system matches your individual needs it acts as a key asset to your business growth. To ensure your needs are met, look for a telephony system that provides:

  • Lead Distribution
  • Fast Compliance Checking
  • Reporting and Dashboards for the Cost of Calls
  • Availability of Numbers and Countries
  • Reporting and Processing of SPAM Numbers
  • Excellent Customer Support and Service

Lead Distribution

A lead distribution software within your telephony system automates the process of delivering leads to your sales people. This allows your sales team to contact potential leads immediately after they become intrigued by your offerings. It routes leads to an appropriate salesperson based on factors of your choosing. These factors allow you to send leads to the salesperson who can help and relate to them best. For example, if your lead is a middle aged man running a small business and has children, you can point this lead to one of your salespeople who has a small business background and also has children. This allows your sales team to quickly build rapport with all of your leads without causing delays in contacting them.

Fast Compliance Checking

Anyone who generates leads through cold calls understands the importance of complying with all State and Federal do-not-call lists. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines upwards of $40,000 and the risk of annoying potential customers. This is where fast compliance checking integrated into your telephony system comes in. It automatically checks the numbers you intend to call against all do-not-call lists and looks for any potential exemptions. This allows your sales team to continue making calls without being bogged down in the tedious work of ensuring compliance.

Reporting and Dashboards for the Cost of Calls

To help you manage your costs, any worthwhile telephony system provides you with real-time reports for your costs. An easy to use dashboard gives you insights into the real costs of your telephony system and track the progress of your sales team. This gives you a simple way to determine the costs and benefits of various features offered by your telephony system. It also helps keep track of your sales team ensuring they are meeting their goals for sales and number of calls.

Availability of Numbers and Countries

As the global marketplace continues to include more markets, a telephony system that works for a wide variety of countries has become increasingly important. Having access to the countries of your choosing with your telephony system will reduce the costs of international calls and allow your business to go global. Availability of multiple numbers within a single system allows your customers to reach the department they need immediately. You can assign specific numbers to your departments so your customers can call them directly.

Reporting and Processing of SPAM Numbers

The last thing you want to waste your employees’ time is SPAM calls. A robust system that reports and processes SPAM numbers prevents this waste of time throughout your company. It automatically detects SPAM callers preventing the call from going through then reports the number so they are unable to make any future calls to your organization.

Excellent Customer Support and Service

When you have any issues with your telephony system, you need immediate support to minimize the impact of whatever issue you may be experiencing. A robust customer support and service system with your telephony provider enables you to contact them immediately and resolve the issue at hand. Any amount of downtime in your telephony system is unacceptable making customer support one of the most important aspects of choosing a telephony system.