These Tools Can Increase Your Call Center’s Conversions

Want to increase sales from your call center?  A speech analyzer software and AI dialer are two tools that can help your sales team reach that goal.

Speech Analyzer Software

This tool analyzes the conversations your agents have with customers and leads.  Here are a few specific ways it can help your call center convert more leads into customers.

Reveals What Customers Feel and Want

The software saves each conversation’s data so that it can be mined.  This data provides valuable insight that will give your company a better understanding of its customers.

By picking up on each conversation’s keywords and emotions, the software reveals how current and potential customers feel about your company’s products or services.

Speech analytics software also gives your team an understanding of what customers are looking for.  With this understanding, the sales team will know exactly how to convince potential customers to purchase a certain product or service.

Your team will even be able to come up with ways to surpass their expectations. This will prevent losing sales and customers to competitors.

Provides Ideas for Cross and Upselling

Because a speech analyzer software records each call, you will have a record of customer requests for products and services you don’t yet provide.  If these requested products or services complement or improve your current offerings, begin selling them.

Present them as higher-end or related offerings to customers who have already purchased from your company.  This will increase sales by providing what customers want and encouraging them to spend more.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are far less likely to abandon your company for one of your competitors.  That’s why customer satisfaction is so important.

A speech analyzer tool can help your call center team provide excellent customer service.  Here’s how it works:

  • When speech analytics are reviewed, it becomes clear why customers are calling in with issues.
  • When the source of their dissatisfaction is clear, your team is better equipped to quickly handle and avert all crises.
  • Quick resolutions result in happy customers who feel that the company values them. This will keep those happy customers choosing your business, rather than searching for another place to purchase similar products or services.

So the more customers you keep satisfied, the more customers you will retain. And the more customers you retain, the more sales you will make.

AI Dialer

Using artificial intelligence in your call center provides many benefits.  One of those benefits includes an increase in conversions.  Keep reading to learn how an AI dialer can accomplish this.

Quick Connection With Suitable Agents

This technology quickly connects warm leads with available agents.  Here’s the process:

  • The AI dialer scores each lead based on the response to the call.
  • Warm leads are directed to a sales agent, giving that agent the best opportunity to make a sale.
  • Leads are matched with agents they are best suited to, which further increases the odds of making a sale.

Increases Productivity

This tool makes automated calls and can predict how many calls to make and when to make those calls.  The volume and frequency of the calls depending on the average duration of a call, how many sales representatives are available, and how many lines are available.

Because an AI dialer takes over the job of dialing numbers, the sales team doesn’t have to waste time manually dialing those numbers themselves.  This frees them up to make the best use of their time and convert more leads into customers.

Keeps Track of Call Data

With an AI dialer software, all of your call center’s data will be organized and stored for you to review whenever needed.

Here’s why this could result in more sales:

  • The data includes numbers that never picked up. The sales team can try calling those numbers again to ensure that no possible sales are missed.
  • There is another list of numbers for those who don’t want your company to call them again. This prevents the sales team from pursuing leads that don’t result in sales, which enables them to focus on warm leads that are more promising.
  • The tool records preferred calling times which allows the AI dialer to make calls when the recipients are most likely to respond well.

Sales Representatives Can’t Ignore Calls

Because an AI dialer software automatically directs each call to an agent, no one on the team can pick and choose the calls they want to take.  Instead, they must deal with whatever they are given.

This will improve their skills because it will give each agent a wide range of experience.  And the more skilled they are, the more sales they will make.

The two tools in this article do make a positive difference in the number of sales your call center makes. Conversions are bound to increase when you start using them.