Keeping Control of Remote Call Center Staff

In the digital age, businesses can exploit advanced technologies to adapt to prevailing situations. Currently, countries across the world are imposing total lockdown, forcing over a billion people to quarantine in their homes in an attempt to curb Coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading. Even though this strategy can effectively reduce the spread of the virus, it has exposed businesses to the possibility of incurring immense losses. With the lockdown, businesses are not making money, but they not only have to service recurring expenses like rent for premises but also continue to pay salaries to employees who are quarantining in their homes. You can adopt technologies that offer seamless connections to enable quarantined employees to work remotely for their paychecks from home while allowing you to manage remote workers effectively. 

Technologies to Convert Quarantined Employees into Remote Call Center Staff

Although the lockdown has forced your staff to quarantine at home, you can partner with reliable companies like VoiceSpin to exploit technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Speech Analyzer, and AI Dialer and convert quarantined employees to remote call center staff. 

  • VoIP: This technology converts voice into a digital signal, which can be transmitted through the internet. Using VoIP technology, you can make phone calls with an internet connection without a phone and an analog telephone line. The technology allows you to make calls using VoIP phone, phone adapters, or PCs by transmitting the data signal of your voice to another VoIP phone or PC. Using VoIP, you can call a typical analog telephone since the technology can convert the data signal back to a normal telephone signal.
  • Speech Analyzer: This software analyzes conversations between your customers and staff who are working remotely from home to rate the importance of the calls and acquire warm leads. 
  • AI Dialer: This dialer exploits artificial intelligence to match and connect warm leads with the most suitable staff working remotely from their quarantine space. With the capabilities of AI, the dialer executes the matching and connecting process very quickly before the leads go cold. 


How to use VoIP, Speech Analyzer, and AI Dialer to Control Remote Call Center Staff

With VoIP service, your employees can take home their office IP phone number, allowing them to continue working while in quarantine. To ensure that your staff work as a team from home, you can connect all members of your staff working from home to the office using office VoIP switchboard. Using VoIP technology, you can exploit the high-speed connectivity and massive data transfer offered by broadband internet to connect your customers with staff working from home. As your customers call in, you can use your office VoIP switchboard to manage and distribute large amounts of incoming to your staff. On the other end, your staff will implement their office IP phone number in PCs, phone adapters, and so on, allowing them to use the office phone number just like they were in the office. 

To keep control and enhance the productivity of all employees working from home as remote call center staff, you will have to use both Speech Analyzer and AI Dialer. You can use Speech Analyzer to analyze customers’ responses as they communicate with your staff to rate the importance of each call and direct warm leads to sales agents autonomously. It increases the odds of making a sale by matching warm leads with the most suitable sales agent to convince the customer to purchase the product or service they were inquiring about. With Speech Analyzer, you can gather a very large number of warm leads that have to be tracked down as quickly as possible before they go cold. This is where the AI dialer comes in handy.

Implementing an AI dialer in your VoIP call center system allows your salespeople working remotely from home to get to the customer before their needs are serviced by a competitor or the desire to purchase your product or service wanes off with time. Using AI technology, you can increase the productivity of employees working from home by automating the process of predicting and placing calls. AI dialer can assess the volume, frequency, and average duration of calls against the number of open lines and salespeople available to create a calling queue. The order in which the calls are made is based on the rating of each call by Speech Analyzer, which increases the chance of making a sale by placing the hottest leads at the top of the call queue for your salespeople to convert.

With VoIP, Speech Analyzer, and AI Dialer from a trusted service provider like VoiceSpin, you can turn around the unprofitable lockdown situation by converting quarantined employees in remote call center staff. By maintaining some sense of normalcy in operations, your business can reduce the losses and hopefully survive the virus. Your business can also benefit offered by having remote call center staff, such as flexibility in scheduling that can be exploited to provide 24/7 support to your customers.