How do you make compliance in 2020?

VoiceSpin has designed and developed a wonderful tool for speech analysis and chat. Its primary role is to listen to every customer interaction with the corporate call center. This tool is called Speech Analyzer. It is able to generate a real-time analysis of conversations looking for keywords or even emotional triggers within speeches. This tool presents a set of qualities that make it very suitable for regulatory compliance, the limit of a chargeback, prevention against returns or complaints, and according to a trend of artificial intelligence, learning your customers through their behaviors.

In what follows, we will discover the strengths of the aforementioned tool through examples and common use cases.


  • Guide to Predicting Customer Compliance and Behavior


With VoiceSpin’s Speech Analyzer tool, the tedious task of analyzing and reporting is no longer a manual resource effort that costs hours to filter the call list. Conversation Analyzer monitors every contact your customer has made with your business. This way, the recap you take allows you to assess the content and even its mood during the conversation to highlight and predict potential compliance issues. Subsequently, potential customer complaints can be taken care of automatically and in real-time.


  • Customer control and its exchanges


Let’s try to put ourselves in the circumstances of an investigation by your qualified personnel. For example, the compliance team, training managers, and quality assurance teams analyze a random sample of calls and interactions while actively listening.

Let us push the limits of profitability, imagine that the members of the responsible staff can listen to each conversation, according to the different known channels: whether by chat, phone, or e-mail! Or, what do we say if they have the ability to pinpoint exactly the right calls that need to be carefully listened to and analyzed?

Drawing on the specialty of AI and its multiple techniques, Speech Analyzer perceives a complete profile of each customer, from all contact channels. Thus, sentiment analysis is present there. It relies on alerts that are triggered by positive or negative emotional states, keywords, or behaviors. The result of such data mining results in concise reports of varying degrees of precision and granularity. Reports are valuable and impactful, as they allow the relative manager to effectively oversee the department in question, and support decision-making with experts in each area.


  • Mastery of sales: curb objections, complaints, and fines


Now, the sales team is armed with a wealth of data and insight drawn directly from this emotional analysis. As a result, your sales team will dramatically increase their chances of spreading potential complaints, sales objections, or regulatory compliance issues by being pre-equipped with some sort of history that summarizes the customer journey before they even jump into it. the call. For example, when some customer has given a response with a negative emotional tendency in a subsequent comment, the agent who took care of him may broadcast this concern in an anticipated way, even before the customer does. displayed. This support gives the client confidence, and it gives him the feeling of being understood, as well as his needs and expectations.

VoiceSpin’s Speech Analyser is a gem that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with managerial know-how. Indeed, each feedback obtained from a customer is a wealth of information. The calls are analyzed in order to be able to formulate decisions that are aimed solely at customer satisfaction. Whatever marketing strategy your business adopts, SpeechAnalyser is there to support you, build customer loyalty, and improve your bottom line. Your CRM is now equipped with one of the most powerful tools, which takes advantage of technological advances in data mining, sentiment analysis, and speech recognition. VoiceSpin, the benchmark in its field, which builds bridges between the company and its environment.