8 Call Center Trends for 2020

Call centers around the world are going through massive innovations that improve efficiencies and accuracies and these trends are continuing in 2020. So, here are 8 trends to look out for that will allow call centers to implement better methods of engaging with customers, automated voice responses, deeper analytics, and cost-saving methods.


Cloud-Based Communication Centers


As cloud-based technologies develop throughout industries, call centers are quickly moving toward utilizing these technologies to save on infrastructure costs. In 2020, A centralized location for all of your call center agents will become a requirement of the past. You’ll also be able to find your talent globally instead of only in your local region allowing for higher levels of expertise at affordable costs.


Omnichannel Customer Engagement


Omnichannel customer engagement in terms of call centers means never having to ask your customers the same question over and over again as they change platforms of engagement. When your customer initiates a complicated request over the phone, you’ll be able to effectively follow up with that customer over email once the problem is solved. You’ll also be able to view this information the next time your customer has a problem to know exactly where they were left off. This saves you time and keeps your customers happy.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, quickly changed the way call centers work and this technology continues to develop. Through advancements in artificial intelligence or AI, IVR is quickly becoming indistinguishable from a real person. These developments lead to cost savings and efficiencies by ensuring your customers are always receiving appropriate responses.


Communications Through Social Media


The days of call centers only communicating over the phone are over. With the rise of social media, customers now expect to simply shoot a message over Facebook or any other social media platform and receive a prompt response. This gives your customers the freedom to continue working on other tasks while they communicate directly with you about their issues instead of being stuck on the phone.


Robust Tools for Self-Service


According to the Harvard Business Review, 81% of customers across industries attempt to solve their technical problems on their own before contacting customer support. This goes to show the importance of offering your customers the tools they need for self-servicing their own issues. In 2020, expect technological innovations such as AI to offer detailed and automated responses for any of the problems your customers may face.


Deep Analytics for Customer Satisfaction


Monitoring the level of customer satisfaction your call centers provide has always been of the utmost importance. This trend will continue to develop in 2020 with deeper analytics into exactly what leads to a customer being satisfied and when your customers are unsatisfied. You’ll be able to quickly determine the effectiveness of each individual agent as well as methods for how they can improve.


Customer Voice Authentication


Voice authentication enables your call centers to determine who they are talking to solely based on their voice. It uses voice biometrics and will allow your customers to call you from any phone to resume their conversation with you. Whether they’re just leaving the office and need to switch to their cell phone, or step into their boss’ office and resume the call there, you’ll always know exactly who you’re speaking with.


Advanced Recall Technology


Historically, the use of recall technology led to delayed conversations between your agents and customers. Even though it always ensured your agents were giving accurate and thorough responses, these delays prevented many call centers from implementing the technology. In 2020, delays caused by recall technology will be as little as a couple of seconds allowing your agents to have seamless conversations while still allowing you to rest easy knowing they are always providing thorough, accurate information.