6 Uses for An IVR Dialer That Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Although a VoIP IVR system was originally used for inbound calls, it’s now possible to implement this technology in an outbound call center.  Keep reading to learn six different ways it can be employed. 

Lead Qualification

Qualifying leads is necessary if you want your sales agents to focus on pursuing the most promising prospects.  Otherwise, your agents will risk wasting their time on leads who aren’t likely to convert.

But lead qualification can be time-consuming.  Wouldn’t it be nice if technology could take over this task so that your outbound call center agents could be more productive? 

An IVR dialer makes this possible.  Here’s how it works:

  • The lead completes some type of action that indicates interest in your company.  One example of this would be filling out an online form.
  • After that action has been taken, an IVR dialer makes a call to that potential customer.
  • When the lead picks up the phone, he or she answers questions that enable the system to accurately score the lead. 
  • If the lead qualifies, that person will be routed to a sales agent. 

Quick Identity Verification

When customers are attempting certain actions that require identity verification, an outbound IVR dialer can make this process more efficient by automatically calling the customer.

Once the customer picks up the automated phone call, he or she provides the information required for identification.  This allows the customer to complete the desired action without having to speak with an agent, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. 

Customers will be impressed by how easy it is to work with your system, which will keep them loyal to your company.  And your call center agents will be free from dealing with basic customer assistance, which enables them to work on more complex tasks.

Automated Follow Up with Leads

It’s not uncommon for a lead to show an interest in your brand but then never take additional steps.  A VoIP IVR dialer can automatically follow up with those leads. 

An IVR system has the ability to send promotional messages that entice prospects to purchase your company’s products or services.  It can also send reminders to complete any unfinished actions, such as creating an account.

Promote Special Offers

A VoIP IVR dialer can also be used to keep in touch with current customers.  Let them know about special deals with automated calls, emails, and instant messaging. 

This will help customers remember how much they love your brand and make them excited about the amazing deals your company has to offer. 

Give Friendly Reminders

Never let a customer forget about making timely payments, renewing subscriptions, updating account information, or attending appointments.  Instead, rely on outbound IVR to politely remind them.

Using IVR technology to prompt customers to complete administrative tasks gives those customers the opportunity to use that technology for the purpose of completing those duties.   This makes it much easier for customers to respond to your requests. 

Get Feedback

Getting feedback is vital if you want to improve call center performance and increase customer satisfaction.  An outbound IVR system can help you acquire valuable information that enables you to reach this goal. 

Customers receive automated calls that ask for their feedback on their experiences with your company.  You can then use this helpful insight to improve your call center. 

Best of all, none of your call center agents will have to devote any time to get this feedback, since the system does it automatically. 

Using a VoIP IRV system in an outbound call center offers many great benefits you don’t want to miss out on.  Once you implement this technology, you will notice a big difference in how efficient and productive your call center is.