10 tips to improve call center conversion

Your execution of call center campaigns is critical for conversion. You have your organizational setup, staff, and prospects’ contact all sorted out, but you wish to increase your conversion. Ineffective operational structures and poor outbound or inbound calling ethics could be the culprit. This post explores ten tips that can improve your call center conversion if done correctly.


  1. No Jargon

The moment you get on the phone with a customer, throw all your professional jargon out the window.

  1. Answer quickly

Subconsciously, a prospect would feel like you are not keen on talking with him. Ideally, the maximum number of rings is three.

  1. Never put a call on hold

Seconds spent while on hold are the longest, and it makes the caller feel unimportant. Only do it if you must. If you need to make a research on something, and the issue is urgent, your customer can bear being kept on hold. If it’s not entirely critical, you can take down the caller’s details and return the call when you are set.

  1. Make your callers feel valuable

Many marketers, to score a lead, end up making customers feel like they are just that – a lead. From your buyer persona, get into the shoes of your customers and discover useful insights into the life of your customer and speak like you are advising them. When they are comfortable and trust you enough, it’s easier to win them over.

  1. Never apologize for calling

It may seem polite, but a phrase like “Permit me, can I have three minutes of your time?” is a no-no in telemarketing. Don’t overthink your opening line; ‘hi’ them and introduce yourself without apologizing.

  1. Use a welcoming tone

No matter your mood when the call comes in, never transfer a bad mood to a customer. As we said, you should make your customers feel important. Speaking to them with a hassled or rushed voice does not do that. You can record the call to analyze the tone of your voice.

  1. Don’t talk down on your competition

It is not just unprofessional, but it also makes prospects see you as untrustworthy. Rather than focus on where your competitor’s product fails, emphasize what makes yours better.

  1. Don’t end the call on a negative note

If your customer does not purchase at the instant due to shortage or some fault of yours, do not allow them to leave disappointed.  You can take advantage of the situation and use it to suggest similar products

  1. Summarize the call

The way you end your conversation significantly impacts your conversion. A recommended technique is to do a little recap of the vital takeaways from the session. With your client, go over the agreed dates, quotes, project timelines, tasks, and every important detail. This makes your customer more comfortable with you, as this subtle reinforcement of truths make them see you as trustworthy.

  1. Follow up on clients

Hanging up is not the end of your conversion process. They probably are not buying now due to some temporary reasons such as financial constraints, need at the time, and even their mood.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these ten tips are an excellent first step for increasing your conversion on inbound and outbound calls.