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Tools For Remote Work
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    Useful Tools For Remote Working

    The coronavirus pandemic has led to offices being closed and most of the world’s workforce being asked to work remotely from home. Are you prepared? Probably not. The pandemic arrived right before our very eyes, and the adjustments the world’s population has had to make have become unprecedented. Offices began to close; buildings became inaccessible and people are confined to their homes. Immediately, people are now adjusting to working remotely. This begs the question, are you ready to work from home?

    Whilst some actually prefer to work from home, something that increased as a choice since 2005, you can be forgiven for not having the necessary tools available to become accustomed to working from home and being comfortable with it. One of the concerns of those working from home is motivation to get things done. In other words, being productive.

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    It is proven that if you have the appropriate tools at home as you would in the office, productivity will increase. To realize employees’ full potential, employees are increasingly looking to become more flexible in the way they work. To do this, let’s read about some of the most efficient remote-working tools we have picked out to make your remote-working experience productive.

    Top 7 Productive Remote Working Tools:

    • Slack

    Slack is a collaborative real-time messaging tool to exchange messages with people all over the world. It is a perfect tool for remote workers as it offers open-line communication. It is also great for file sharing, voice, and video calling, and communicates with different channels. Collaborative communication is key to operational success and no matter where you are, slack is on your side to keep track of your team.

    • Google Drive

    A comprehensive cloud file-sharing tool, Google Drive has everything you’d need for remote working. It has file storage capabilities, chat service, uploading and editing documents, and sharing project folders. With a  rich collaboration of tools, it is a great service to tick off all remote working responsibilities.

    • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is quite similar to Slack but is also a great tool to host web and video conferences with live video. It is an Office 365 program that offers open-line communication, whilst accessing various communication and document channels. With third-party integration, Teams also allows for the incorporation of SharePoint, Power BI, OneNote, and other scalable programs to continue to grow your business from home. And now, we offer great integration with all of our products for free.

    • Trello

    Trello is perfect for managing project management operations. It is authentic in managing exactly what you’re working on, so you don’t have to make as much effort. Create your project plan to track the progress of operations, drag and drop priorities, add notes to leave for your team members and assign tasks. The best thing is you can keep track of progress from anywhere.  It is a brilliant tool to keep your project in the line of succession.

    • WPForms

    WPForms is one of the more reputable WordPress plugins’ that is an effective marketing tool that allows you to manage your team of employees through a hiring program. Gather the information you need to expand your team instead of going through the recruitment or hiring departments in your company. Perform your due diligence yourself to hire the best candidates. 

    • Monday

    Monday is a new phenomenon that helps you effectively manage your project and your team through a variety of different concepts. In particular, your whole team can collaboratively track project progress with insight into work capacities, take ownership of tasks in real time, and even manage risk through the creation of contingency plans. Monday.com is a dynamic way to manage your project remotely in real time with collaborative communication from absolutely anywhere.

    • Toggl

    If you’re a project manager and struggle to keep track of tasks being completed across a variety of platforms. Toggl is here to save the day. Toggl is a time-tracking app that provides insight into the progress of work, and quality of work and manages time taken for assigned tasks. It’s designed to increase productivity by making sure work is finished on time. The app can also be used to track hours worked and how much workers can be billed for. Build your team of workers and get the best out of your investment.

    Working remotely helps give you time back, particularly if you spend the morning and evening traveling hours upon hours to get to your office. Working remotely helps to prepare in the morning, take your time, and get stuck in your daily activities. The software tools listed are all catered to promote collaboration, communication, and productivity in-home working so that you can continue to complete tasks efficiently and on time. Productivity may be so high you could even consider avoiding going to the office altogether. Remote working is increasing in popularity with ready-made tools available to guide you through your working day.

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