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Stable Connection is a Call Center
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    Why Stable Connection is Crucial for a Call Center Department?

    In any business, the department representing the call center is of utmost importance. It liaises between the company and its external environment, reflecting its image and translating its marketing policy. Indeed, the interaction induced by this call center and the business environment export the brand image of the company. Therefore, the infrastructure supporting this service must be up to this exchange in terms of software or networks. Connectivity plays a key role.

    Observed Problem: Packet Loss

    In telephone conversations, sometimes the sound of a member of a team begins to cut slightly, to the point that it sounds robotic. This is packet loss.

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    This is probably a technical inconvenience, as this loss of data significantly slows down network speed by limiting throughput, throughput as well as bandwidth. In what follows, we will take a closer look at the causes of this glitch, as well as the various possible remedies.

    The aforementioned problem, packet loss, is not only a gap in the deployment of VoIP technology. This loss of data can alter the stability of the company’s overall computer network, causing a multitude of problems. The first widely observed malfunction is packet loss during calls, which always gives your customers the impression of poor user experience concerning the VoIP service you provide.

    Statistically speaking, studies report that if you diagnose a packet loss percentage of 10%, your voice quality will be poor. Poor user experience is a major handicap when it comes to conversion rates and the prosperity of your business.

    In a computer network context, packet loss is a warning sign of a reduction in the rate or speed of message delivery for a given connection. Here, we are witnessing a deterioration in the quality of protocols supporting applications sensitive to latency, such as voice applications.

    In the case of many packet losses, this is a determining factor reflecting the performance of the network. We must limit this phenomenon as much as possible.

    To interpret this kind of technical phenomenon, specialists report that voice signals are digitized and transmitted. They make a kind of journey. After being cut into packets they are routed in such a way, before being reconstituted at the endpoint of the call. The problem arises when some packets fail to reach the endpoint. This can be explained by network congestion or even faulty hardware infrastructure. Issues result in a small chunk of the audio signal being lost, causing poor quality during the call.

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    Proposed Solutions

    There are several ways to resolve packet loss issues. Still, the solution can only be effective if the reason for the packet loss is properly identified. If you face a defective material, it should be replaced immediately to ensure maximum throughput. If the security shutter fails, then an effective policy must be adopted. In summary, the safest way to limit possible packet loss is to set up a network with a high quality of service through its performance indicators.

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    • VoiceSpin provides you with a range of options that privatize your exchanges, with the goal of protecting your data against attacks and malicious behavior. We aim to guarantee the prosperity of your business.

    The VoIP service is widely used by businesses that adopt a proximity communication strategy. To conduct this experiment properly, you must prepare the infrastructure that goes with it. At this level, VoiceSpin stands out as your strategic partner, supporting you in the implementation of an entire policy to govern your business calmly.

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