Voicespin Integration with Zoho

The following guide will show you how to configure Voicespin Telephony System integrated to ZOHO Phonebridge.

Step 1.

Login in to the Voicespin system. You need to fill up your account credentials:

Step 2.

Click on “Add application”:

Step 3.

Click on “Register Application”:

Step 4.

Intermediate page will appear:

Step 5.

System will redirect you to the ZOHO Accounts signing in page:

Step 6.

You will need to accept the following request:

Step 7.

The confirmation page will appear telling about the successful enabling of Application. Proceed on clicking "Next":

Step 8.

Click on "Enable Phonebridge":

Step 9.

You will receive a confirmation of a successful configuration. Proceed on clicking "Next":

Step 10.

Mapping agent's phone extensions. Select the desired extension next to the agent's email address. After configuring all of the extensions click on "Save config":

Step 11.

Your system is configured and ready to work.

For more information contact our Support team: support@voicespin.com