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  • Aug Thu 2018

A VoIP Call Center is simply a call centered that is built around a VoIP phone system infrastructure as part of the company’s VoIP business telephony system. Many companies have call centers dedicated to a single function like sales or support where either an incoming call is being accepted or an outgoing call is being made. Some companies have their call center in-house while others companies may choose to outsource their call centers. Having a call center is not determined by a company’s size and even small companies traditionally have at least one call center. Having a call center is integral to providing great customer service.
It’s important to have a call center with a stable, secure and reliable phone system that handles calls correctly, keeps wait times for callers at a minimum and is designed to enhance the company’s operation efficiency. These are critical considerations for companies both big and small. Call center technology includes a broad range of telecommunications hardware and software including automated phone systems, integration into CRM programs and more. VoIP call centers enable businesses to lower both the setup and ongoing costs, which are quite high for traditional call centers.

One main advantage of a VoIP call center is that workers don’t necessarily have to be present in the same physical location. Distributed call centers, made possible by VoIP technology, can have employees scattered across the world, from various company office locations, or even from a home office. While traditional call centers require legacy phone switches where all phones need to be wired into one system, a VoIP call center uses VoIP phones form anywhere with a broadband Internet connection.

Today’s business owners are aware that fast and accurate personalized assistance is what keeps customers happy and loyal. Today, more than ever, maintaining a good reputation for customer service is incredibly important. Advances in technology put VoIP call centers in a league of their own as compared to traditional call centers. Features like automated outgoing calls, real-time monitoring of call center performance, CRM integration, and more make VoIP call centers the sole choice for savvy businesses today.

Realted Use cases

  • Client: Lead Capital Markets
  • Project Type: Speech analysis for compliance.
  • Result: Identifying and alerting about misconduct calls, according to the compliance need of the company.
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  • Client: Pizza Hut
  • Project Type: Cloud Contact Center IP PBX
  • Result: more than 60 branches around the country with voice recognition IVR.
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  • Client: MemoGlobal
  • Project Type: AI Dailer
  • Result: 150 representative connected to the AI Dailer with ten of thousands of calls per dayand with 40% increased efficiency.
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